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Now more than ever brands are demanding transparency and insight into the actual incremental sales return on their marketing investments. Modern marketers want a closer connection between marketing activities and business results. These pressures and rising expectations are paving the way for “accountable advertising platforms" to play a bigger role. Listen in on this frank conversation around how the next generation of advertising platform players will rise to the challenge.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How are new accountable advertising platforms meeting brands needs
  2. Better understanding how marketing can drive measurable business results
  3. How focusing on real people allows brands to maximize their media investments

Presented with


Suzanne Vranica Advertising Editor The Wall Street Journal
Kristi Argyilan Senior Vice President, Media and Guest Engagement Target
Ginny McCormick Vice President of Integrated Media and Promotions Hasbro North America
Brian Lesser CEO Xandr
Allan Thygesen President, Americas Google

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