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Whether leveraging our contributor network of over 2,500 industry leaders, being the expert voice on stage or partnering with us on structured learning paths, our global offerings provide the industry with the solutions they need to succeed.

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Advertising Week is the go-to global platform for experience, intelligence, and education for advertising, brand, marketing, and technology professionals. Advertising Week events are celebrations for the cross-section of the industry. By design, AW events cover a broad range of topics and are both accessible and valuable for all levels and sectors. Opportunities include on stage thought leadership, stage/subject ownership, activation spaces, and exclusive special events.

AWLearn is Advertising Week’s global digital education platform that brings inspirational and practical advertising and marketing learning. AWLearn helps modern marketers and agency teams develop the skills they need to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape. AWLearn offers marketers case study videos, reports, how-to guides, trends analysis, and presentations with more than twenty-five (25) structured Learning Paths. Sponsored content is promoted to the entire AW community with data capture to provide robust results.

AW360 is Advertising Week’s global digital thought leadership platform. AW360 showcases the best and brightest minds with an eye towards what’s next. AW360 is not about breaking news on account wins or executive shuffling and gossip. AW360 leverages a contributor network of 2,500 experts who share their insights, ideas, and inspirations. Content formats range from video, podcasts, original articles, Executive Q&A’s, Twitter chats, and more. The content is published on and is shared through social channels, newsletters and distribution partners including Apple News & Spotify.

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