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Advertising Week is the premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals. Now in six different major cities across the globe – New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney and Johannesburg – each edition of Advertising Week presents endless opportunities to learn, network and liaise with the industry’s best.

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AW2020 Virtual Event
A new digital-first experience with a laser focus on getting back to business, purpose-driven connections, and global scale mixed with local reach. Over 8 days and across 6 global markets, hear great ideas from interesting and impactful academics, technologists, marketers, brands, creatives and more. You’re invited to join us to develop solutions to the challenge of our careers as we determine where to go from here.

Great minds think unalike. But now we must think together.

New York City
New York is the original home of Advertising Week. From seminars and workshops led by some of the greatest minds in the industry by day to world class entertainment in some of the city’s most iconic venues by night – Advertising Week’s flagship event is like no other.

Returning 2021

Our second edition of AW, Advertising Week Europe, is held in the vibrant city of London and brings together industry leaders from across Europe for a week full of thought leadership, networking, and exciting evening events.

Returning 2021

Taking place in the technological epi-center of Japan, Advertising Week Asia brings together some of the world’s most innovative leaders in the marketing, advertising, brand and technology sectors under one roof to share, inspire and lead the future of Asia and beyond.

Returning 2021

Mexico City
Advertising Week LATAM is held in some of Mexico City’s most iconic venues and is a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership programming, evening entertainment, and special events that celebrate the industry and its people.

Returning 2021

Advertising Week APAC is held in Sydney, Australia in Luna Park, one of Sydney’s most iconic venues. The event brings industry leaders together throughout the Asia Pacific region for a week of thoughtful conversations with leaders from the marketing, advertising, technology and creative spaces.

Returning 2021

Advertising Week Africa is Advertising Week's sixth global edition that will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Industry professionals throughout the African nation will come together for a week of inspiring thought leadership and networking.


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