Inside the Dreamhouse: A Look at Barbie’s Transformation from Doll to Cultural Phenomenon

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As the original female empowerment brand, Barbie’s purpose has been to unlock the limitless potential in girls since her inception in 1959 — but her almost 65-year journey to the big screen has been storied and full of twists and turns. It has taken extreme focus and hard work to evolve and modernize Mattel’s iconic brand to ready it for the launch of Barbie the Movie. TIME Correspondent Eliana Dockterman will speak with Mattel’s Chief Brand Officer Lisa McKnight and discuss what it took to make Barbie a true reflection of the world kids see around them, how — through Barbie the Movie and countless brand partnerships — Barbie became the summer’s global sensation and what’s next.
Lisa McKnight EVP and Chief Brand Officer
Mattel, Inc.
Eliana Dockterman Correspondent