Achieving Advertising Success in the Vibrant (and Fragmented) CTV Landscape

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Mastering Branding: Insights from Seasoned Entrepreneur Jarrod Guy Randolph

Join Beachfront, the sell-side ad platform built for CTV and streaming, and some of our closest friends in the space for a lively panel discussion at AWNewYork. During this session, we'll take an in-depth look at how media buyers and sellers of all kinds are navigating the latest opportunities, dynamics and challenges in CTV and streaming advertising — giving you actionable tips for achieving campaign success and driving ROI.
Katie Long VP, Head of Demand
Chrystal Sisco VP of Operations
Jackie Perez Director, Programmatic Sales, National
Spectrum Reach
Lara Koenig Global Head of Product
Marianne Vita SVP, Director of Integrated Strategy & Marketing

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