The Demand for Expertise: How Consumers Will Influence the Future of Media

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While so much attention is paid to the many problems around healthcare, almost no one is addressing the huge problem in health information and the devastating impact a lack of access to information can have on people's lives. SurvivorNet launched last year in partnership with creative agency BBH as a revolutionary alternative offering empowering and informative content from more than 200 doctors and researchers from the world’s leading cancer institutions. The site attracted over 2 million unique visitors last month and continues it’s explosive growth. In this panel, Alperin and Watson will reveal how the site is transforming access to healthcare information for all patients, regardless of income, connections or location. In doing so, they will also explore what the future of media looks like when consumers demand high quality content from brands.
Steve Alperin CEO
Survivor Net
Sarah Watson Chairman, Global and NY CSO