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How the Rise of Streaming, AVOD, and Programmatic Changed TV-Buying For Marketers

Bonin Bough left a c-suite job working for billion-dollar CPG brands to start a growth accelerator. Why? Because he wanted to help businesses, of all shapes and sizes, achieve more than they ever believed possible! This presentation will show you how growth is the only thing that matters in business in the 21st Century. Whether you are an employee at a start-up, or working for a global brand, Bonin will show you tried-and-tested models that will allow you to shift the time-frame for your company’s growth trajectory. Learn how to drive innovation across your organization from someone who did it at the largest companies in the world. Bonin will share how he took brands like Oreo, Cadbury's, Pepsi and Gatorade and helped them to drive strategic initiatives and develop leading-edge marketing campaigns. He will share how this groundwork eventually resulted in him taking Mondeléz International’s e-commerce business from $65MM to 265MM in the 18 months that he ran it. You’ll learn how break-through communications, combined with customer data, is set to create an entirely new and direct relationship with the consumer. Bonin will share the real-life story of how he leveraged this methodology to grow Sundial Brands (Shea Moisture) from $250-350m before they were acquired by Unilever for close to $1 Billion. He will also share how he is now working with a portfolio of companies who are developing the technologies and platforms that will help your organization to unlock this type of success in the future. Most importantly Bonin will show you how you can realize your full-potential, utilize your strengths, and use your success to ultimately to catapult your career.
Bonin Chief Growth Officer
Bonin Ventures

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