Beyond the Lockdown: Rethinking Parenting and Work in the Ad Industry

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Work and parenting have never been more important topics. With much of the world in lockdown, many of us are living and working at home along with our children. But there is a tension between our current reality and perceptions of parenting within the advertising industry.

Just a third of mothers regard the media sector as inclusive, while 70% of non-parents worry that having kids would be a barrier to career progression. These statistics from the latest chapter in the ‘UK by UM’ insight series suggest the ad industry is not a welcoming place for parents, but how has lockdown changed things?

This live session presents UM's latest data about parenting in the advertising industry, followed by a conversation about how lockdown has changed (or not) these trends. What steps are being taken to address the needs of parents? Will the lockdown herald a new approach within the advertising industry about how to treat parents? Find out what you need to know to ensure you hold onto your company's finest talent.
Ali Hanan Founder & Creative Director
Creative Equals

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