World Woman Hour: She's My Hero

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How to Use Your Platform to Advance Gender and Racial Justice

You don’t need 6 or 17 or 50. You don’t need 18, 19 or 20. You certainly don’t need an army of many…you only need one. We are all trying to find our way in life. But for young women, it’s even harder. Discrimination, sexism, poverty, disability and even just our own sense of self-doubt, can prevent us from following our dreams and achieving our ambitions. However, if we can find just one person, who has overcome one of these things we relate to, it can actually change our path in life. #Shesmyhero
Beth Ann Kaminkow Global CEO
Rupa Dash CEO
World Woman Foundation
Shellye Archambeau Former CEO, Fortune 500 board member, Advisor, and Author

Miri Rodriguez Author and Storyteller

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