AW2020 Tech Investor Forecast

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The spirit and heartbeat of tech driven innovation and start-ups continues to advance. We ask an expert panel to tell us how innovators are adapting to the times. The group will discuss tech trends that have emerged in the last six months and whether these are here to stay. With the election coming up and the potential of a vaccine on the horizon, how do these variables impact investing and planning now? Beyond health and politics, what should sharp business people keep an eye on as we head into 2021? We’ve got two big elephants in the room right now - - pre-election and post-election and then pre-vaccine and post vaccine. How do either or both of these variables impact your short and medium range planning? For the tech sector, what is your forecast for 2021 and beyond and is there are a particular sector (or sectors) you think we should keep a close eye on?
Lucy Dobrin Principal
Providence Equity Partners
Cheryl Casone Anchor
Fox Business Network
Carter Reum Partner and Co-Founder

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