The New Human Condition: Life In 2020, A Shock to the System

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As the first wave of COVID-19 began to spread, it became clear that the pandemic would alter our way of life, profoundly. Anticipating this, in early April 2020, Known dispatched its team of Ph.D. data scientists and research teams to explore how American experiences and perceptions were changing dramatically, in real time. The result? The first wave of one of the largest and most ambitious ongoing longitudinal studies of its kind, with qualitative and quantitative insights, as well as both personal stories and advanced analytics that decode the new human condition. With only 13% of Americans believing their lives will go back to what they were before Covid-19, we’re in the midst of systemic shock that is refactoring and transforming our sense of place, purpose and potential. In this session, you will hear key findings with powerful implications for brands from “The Human Condition: A Shock To System.” Kern Schireson, CEO of Known; Molly Lewis, Partner, Known; and Callie Schweitzer, Senior News Editor, Marketing at LinkedIn News will discuss how this data is helping to shape the way organizations are approaching their workforce and brand story as well as the long-term implications for how brands engage a new generation of consumers unlike any other in modern history.
Callie Schweitzer Senior News Editor
Kern Schireson CEO
Molly Lewis SVP, Partner

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