WSJ: Unlocking Key Audience Insights

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The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group has built a highly-effective data and technology solution set that provides marketers with best-in-class insights, storytelling techniques, and targeting capabilities that enhance performance. We’ll be speaking to a leading agency executive, the head of marketing and GM of The Trust, and a Dow Jones data tech architect, to understand how to deliver on what clients are looking for - a better and clearer understanding of their target audiences. We will also be unveiling Dow Jones InSite, a first party data tool that unlocks key audience insights and enables best-in-class content development, media recommendations, and enhances campaign performance in brand safe and contextual environments.
Darrell Kirton Senior Editor
The Trust at Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group
Paul Tsigrikes Head of Marketing & General Manager
The Trust at The Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group
Erin Laughlin Product Director, Advertising Product & Technology
Dow Jones
Eric Levin Global Chief Content Officer
Spark Foundry

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