The Future of Marketing featuring the CMOs from TikTok and Citi

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The CMO’s of Tik Tok and Citi sit down with Known’s Ross Martin to share how they're leveraging new tools, teams and mindsets to win in the new economy. As we charge forth into the “new economy,” radical shifts in consumer preference, expectations and buying patterns are challenging marketing orthodoxies across nearly every industry, forcing brands and businesses to adapt and evolve…or die. A new breed of leaders has emerging, born for this moment, and they’re defining a new era of modern marketing, right before our eyes. Citi’s Global CMO, Carla Hassan, and TikTok’s Global CMO, Nick Tran, join Known President, Ross Martin, to explore the new tools, teams and mindsets they’re using to elevate and win. From PhD “buyer scientists” to “evidence-based” marketing to persistent optimization loops, the game has completely changed, and we’re never going back.
Ross Martin President
Nick Tran Global CMO
Carla Hassan Global CMO

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