The Diversity of Values in Australia: Understanding People's Different Priorities

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How to Use Your Platform to Advance Gender and Racial Justice

This lesson offers a deep dive into understanding the motivation of diverse groups of people, whether employees or customers. It argues that understanding your team's values is so much more important than setting them a mission. Dr Uwana Evers, a leader in values setting at Pureprofile, discusses why values-based marketing is becoming so important when the target is real human beings. Joining Dr Evers for the debate are Dr Oliver Rahn, Principal Consultant, OCORA Consulting, Nic Jones, CEO at Pureprofile, Scott Laird, director of people and culture at Initiative and Stephen Holden, Honorary Adjunct Professor, Macquarie Graduate School of Management.
Nic Jones CEO
Dr Uwana Evers Data Scientist
Dr Oliver Rahn Principal Consultant
OCORA Consulting
Scott Laird Director - People and Culture
Stephen Holden Honorary Adjunct Professor
Macquarie Graduate School of Management

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