Building Consumer Trust

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Bet on Culture, Not Ads with Triller CEO, Mahi de Silva

Trust has never been a more valuable commodity for brands, media, institutions and governments. This debate covers the issues and insights into how it is won, lost, and rebuilt and why it must be nurtured to drive long-term growth. This lesson draws on the insights of those on the frontline of the Australian media industry, featuring Antony Catalano, Executive Chairman at Australian Community Media, Hon. Anna Bligh AC CEO at Australian Banking Association, Leo Shanahan, Media Editor at The Australian, Michael Miller, Executive Chairman at News Corp and Russel Howcroft, Chief Creative Officer at PwC.
Michael Miller Executive Chairman
News Corp
Russel Howcroft Chief Creative Officer
Leo Shanahan Media Editor
The Australian
Antony Catalano Executive Chairman
Australian Community Media
Hon. Anna Bligh AC CEO
Australian Banking Association

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