Building a Movement: a Campaign to Reverse Sydney's Lock Out Laws

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Culture is vital for any brand. In 2014, the Government of New South Wales introduced a set of laws designed to address and reduce alcohol-related violence. Despite the best intentions, those lockout laws had a broader, more negative impact on the city than the government anticipated. They served to drive out gig-culture and nightlife across Sydney, and devastated its bar and restaurant scene. As someone invested in Sydney's culture, Michael Rodrigues Founder and Managing Director, Time Out Australia, couldn't stand back and watch the laws continue to drive the soul out of his city. He explains how he used his network and media channel to build an opposing movement – one that shook the local political landscape and sparked a parliamentary inquiry which commences in August. In this session, he looks back on what he learned along the way and shares how those same principles can be leveraged by brands who want to make important change.
Michael Rodrigues Founder and Managing Director
Time Out Australia
Stefanie DiGianvincenzo Strategic Director and Co-Founder

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