Trends Shaping Digital Advertising Today

Join Csaba Szabo, EMEA Managing Director at Integral Ad Science on the latest offer in the world of adtech. Find out the biggest trends in digital advertising right now, from the emergence of brand safety on social media through to video classification on CTV. Learn how advertising could play a greater role in diversity and reflecting wider society. And finally, discover first-hand what it takes to lead teams across Europe.

The Advertising Week Europe Lowdown with Rebecca Eaves

Advertising Week's Rebecca Eaves, global VP of talent and development who oversees Advertising Week Europe joins our host Riyadh Khalaf in the Amazon Ads Studio to discuss the big trends that have been seen at this Advertising Week and look at what comes ahead.

Are Brands Getting It Right For Women?

How are brands thinking about appealing to women and diverse groups? We bring together women from brands and ask them - how do you get it right? We have moved well beyond where everything was pink, but which brands are doing really interesting work? What about the emerging trend of gender neutrality? Our panel fills you in.
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