New York 2019


When the K in KPI Stands for Kids

Studios have traditionally been at the forefront of creative activations and campaigns when it comes to promoting new theatrical releases. But how do you move a young, digitally native audience away from their PCs and consoles and into a theater? Join Super League Gaming Chairman and CEO Ann Hand and Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer for UM Worldwide as they dive headfirst into the kid space- by way of esports.

Breaking Down DTC

A panel of experts discuss how & why DTC brands are owning digital while also bringing back traditional methods like TV + Outdoor.

Social Shorts: Q&A with Leading Minds in Social Media

Leaders in social media share strategies and challenges as they navigate the ever-changing social landscape, and reveal what they're most excited about next.

How WWE Superstars Drive Authentic Brand Partnerships

As a global and sports entertainment company, WWE is a sought-after partner for brands looking to tap into its resources and engage its diverse fanbase. In this session, hear from WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and WWE Superstars Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston about how WWE creates meaningful brand partnerships through 360 degree integrations that include the company’s greatest assets: WWE Superstars. WWE will also unveil new partnerships during the session.

Women Leading the Artist Community

Join Madeline Nelson, CEO of Heads Music and manager of Wyclef Jean, for an exploratory conversation on how female leaders are trailblazing through the music industry and changing the way artists create, collaborate and distribute their work.

The Future of Retail

Bonin Ventures present a stage focused on exploring the fast-changing relationship between retailers and their consumers. Follow discussions on rewarding loyalty, reshaping retail experiences and the rise of text-to-buy.

Using Social Intelligence to Drive Creative Decisions

Social media is the world's largest focus group. Understanding what is resonating with your audience on social media provides an actionable roadmap for creative development. This session will focus on ensuring you are using resources efficiently and effectively to create content that allows your brand to increase both social share of voice and sales.

Time for Equal Sports Coverage: It’s crucial #WomenWorthWatching are seen now

Think all sports are created equal? Consider this alarming stat: only 4% of media coverage features female athletes. Clearly, sports has a gender problem. With a long history of supporting women’s equality, there was no better name to take a stand on the issue than the United States Tennis Association. With agency partner mcgarrybowen, and not-for-profit SheIS, the #WomenWorthWatching campaign was born on Women’s Equality Day at the US Open. And the conversation is just getting started.

Is Marketing Excellence enough? Find out from Subway, MetLife & Gain Theory

In a world of uncertain growth in many sectors, marketing excellence is not a casual matter, nor a task for the faint of heart. Good marketing takes you through the short term, better marketing can put you above the rest, but excellent marketing can be the engine that drives long term sustainable growth. In this honest conversation, we will hear from three leading marketers who have defined their ‘Marketing Excellence’ - lived the battle, learnt the lessons and delivered real impact.

TV's Race to Performance: Crawl, Walk, Run

Tying TV performance to business outcomes is increasingly important for the entire advertising ecosystem - from brands and agencies to publishers and networks. While many of us consider each other "frenemies," we all want to change the market and preserve TV as a dominant, powerful marketing channel, across local and national and all forms of content delivery -- from linear to digital TV. In this panel, we’ll focus on how to take action and embrace proof of performance, transparency and...

Why Video Matters: Building Your Creative Strategy for Mobile

Discover how video can help bring brands to life across Facebook products. Learn best practices and strategies for mobile video based on various studies Facebook has conducted. Plus, get hands-on experience building ads with your mobile phone.

Trying Video on For Size

Bigger isn’t always better – advertisers need to look beyond app downloads and viewing numbers, and focus on metrics like usage, engagement and co-viewing to truly evaluate size and scale of publishers and impact on consumer behaviour. What kinds of data are best to combine and leverage to change the TV viewing landscape and how is streaming changing measurement and relevancy?
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