Looking To the Future: People, Profit, Planet

Reflection of the key themes of the day and a look towards the future of people, wellbeing and performance. The conversation will be guided by the work Let's Reset are doing to put energy and wellbeing at the heart of performance across all industries to equip people with the tools to thrive and we will encourage open conversation, debate and discussion from the audience to learn from one another to work together to solve the question "What next?"

The Seven Needs Of Wellbeing and Performance

The Seven Needs of Wellbeing and Performance sits at the core of everything Let’s Reset does. These Seven Needs are what we all need to meet to improve our wellbeing and thrive at work. Join Let's Reset as they speak all about the Seven Needs and how companies can support their people.

The Power Of "How Are You"

The question ‘How are you?’ has the power to be so much more than a pleasantry if used correctly. By asking this question in the right way and in the right environment, employees can engage and energise each other.

The Fragile (Im)balance: Supporting Women Post-Pandemic

In partnership with SeeHer, GWI delves specifically into one of the less spoken about repercussions of COVID for women: the mental strain. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the mental health and wellness of women overall, as well as in particular groups - like women of color and younger women. We also explore the role that men play in this dynamic, both in terms of allyship and diverging perceptions.

Blaq App and LayerUp! present Reimagined CSR: Solving the BIPOC Adaptability Paradox

LayerUp! Corporate Stories Series: “Empathy, Transparency & Inclusion (ET&I)” - Adopting a Holistic Approach to Mental Health & Wellness within BIPOC Workforces and Communities. Hear how this panel discusses how to effectively create the overall strategy to connect with community allies and business leaders. Infusing their motto into their marketing strategies - “We fly higher together!” - they are successfully aligning organizations with cultural competency opportunities through their...

A New Wave of Wellbeing: The Rise of Tech-Enabled Healthcare

How are people around the world thinking about - and accessing - healthcare? The answer is simple: tech. COVID-19 altered every aspect of our lives, including how we address our physical and mental health. With a broader, more holistic approach to wellness it only makes sense that we would leverage technology to help monitor and manage our journeys toward better living.

One Mind: A Conversation Around Mental Health In the Workplace

Employers are increasingly interested in supporting the mental health of employees and their families, especially in the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but how can employers translate intention into action? Mental health was already critically underserved prior to the pandemic, and ongoing isolation, loss and barriers to treatment have exacerbated the needs of many. Learn from One Mind at Work, an employer coalition on workplace mental health, about how companies are facing these...

Under Pressure | Taking a Break for Mental Health

We’ve been touched by the bravery of Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, and so many before them, who have prioritized their wellbeing over complying with the expectations and pressures placed on them by media, sports, and other industries. In continuing the conversation they’ve sparked we’ll examine the role of the media in either ailing or aiding the stress levels of public figures, how we hold these public figures to superhuman standards and the responsibility of comms and marketing industries in...

Mental Resilience: A Leadership Playbook on Investing in Human Capital

Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, a leading behavior change tech company, has led the global conversation around the impact of mental resilience and emotional well-being on performance. In this session, Arianna is joined by Eric Yuan the Founder and CEO of Zoom which has transformed the way we work and live and has become the noun defining the pandemic era, followed by Christy Pambianchi, Chief Human Resources Officer of Verizon, to discuss all the ways she has worked to...

Michael Phelps in conversation with Lauren Sallata

A candid conversation about mental health with Olympic legend, Michael Phelps and Panasonic Corporation of North America CMO, Lauren Sallata.

Reset You: Building your Resilience at Work

As we create a new work office / work home / life balance...the events of 2020 have changed how we do business for good, it’s given us new ways of working to adapt to and accelerated the need for better workplace wellbeing. Now is the time to build your own resilience, as we return to a new working pattern, be it in the office, at home, returning from furlough or a mixture of all three. This workshop will provide you with the vocabulary to have 'mental health conversations' with...

Jewel on Mental Health: The Stories Behind the Music

Join Jewel for an honest and timely discussion on mental health. Weaving together personal stories and musical performances, this unique experience will inspire, educate and entertain.
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