Leadership Insights: Professional Development At Advertising Week

Professional development is something we all strive for but don’t always prioritize. Take advantage of this insightful workshop discussing four key ways to actively improve your leadership skills. Presented by AWLearn and GenConnectU, two global learning programmes designed to upgrade your skills as you move into leadership roles, you will learn how to gain new tools and confidence.

Climbing Ladders In Heels and Other Female Leadership Clichés

For a long time, women had to borrow male leadership models if they wanted to be seen as serious and trustworthy professionals. In fact, the first cracks in the "glass ceiling" were made by women in grey suits and tons of assertiveness. After them, many other women thought that this was the only possible way to climb their way up. Even Sheryl Sandberg in her “Lean In” urges us to behave like our worst male colleagues. But is this really the only possible way to be a credible and effective...

The Advertising Week Europe Lowdown with Rebecca Eaves

Advertising Week's Rebecca Eaves, global VP of talent and development who oversees Advertising Week Europe joins our host Riyadh Khalaf in the Amazon Ads Studio to discuss the big trends that have been seen at this Advertising Week and look at what comes ahead.

Interview With Future Is Female Winner 2021: Gerry Anyanwu

Join Gerry Anyanwu for a conversation about careers, leadership and more on the Amazon Ads Studio.

Future Leaders: What Does Leadership Look Like In the Digital Age?

Hear from MediaCom’s Head of Influencer Marketing, Emily Trenouth, about what leadership in the digital age means to her. This session will be packed full of advice and anecdotes, focussed on how to build a successful career and navigate the barriers that can arise when starting out in the industry. Addressing topics such as imposter syndrome, the expectations of success vs. the reality and hiring practices, Emily will discuss how leadership – and therefore the qualities of leaders – has...

Born That Way

Are leaders born that way? Is it a natural instinct or a cause of circumstance or a combination of training and experience? What characteristics does the modern leader need? Is this the same as the past, a blend, or fundamentally different? In this session, we bring together some of the most accomplished individuals from the worlds of advertising and coaching to share their views on what the ingredients are that lend themselves toward excellent contemporary leadership.

Inside-Out Community: How Mission-Based Values Inspire Growth

Creating a values-based culture has never been a more important challenge for leaders that are looking to fuel team empowerment while navigating organizational growth. Join us to hear how Reddit has implemented its culture to grow and create disruptive external activations like its first UK Brand Marketing Campaign, ‘Maybe Together We’ll’ and r/place aimed at fostering community in the UK and around the world.

Things I Wish I Knew

Tired of hearing the same advice? These leading women, who are all Advertising Week Future is Female winners and nominees, will give it to you straight. They'll be sharing their real life experiences, including moments of failure, frustration, and the satisfaction of breaking through the odds. Hear their hard-hitting advice, the things they learned along the way, and what they wish they had known all along.
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