LATAM 2020


The Future of Content Consumption

An exploration of content, audiences, marketing strategies and platforms are the basis for analyzing the future of content consumption and the construction of new narratives.

Youtube Works Awards Mexico

Launch YouTube Works Awards program in Mexico to celebrate the most creative and effective campaigns.

Empathy vs. Machine Capability: Unlocking Business Results

In this session, Juan Fernando Niño will share insights & learnings how the practice of Empathy delivers more commercially valuable business outcomes around the world. Through the use of case studies from different regions and categories, Niño will outline how to best resolve the tensions between human creativity and machine capability, as well as long-term brand building and short-term sales.

How Today’s Brands Can Reach Consumers: Premium Mobile-First Publishers

The media landscape continues to evolve in tandem with consumer behavior. 15 years ago, successful digital media companies like Thrillist and POPSUGAR were amassing massive audiences via email and O&O. In the early 10’s, some publishers, including NowThis and The Dodo, were born on Facebook where their viral social videos yielded audiences at scale.

Conscious Connections

Today’s marketing needs to be more than effective; it needs to reach consumers with empathy, putting their interests first. In this session, Sheila Colclasure SVP, Global Digital Responsibility and Public Policy at Kinesso will speak with Produ Associate Publisher Mara Fernandez about the factors that contribute to a conscious marketing approach, from digital responsibility standards, to rising consumer expectations and the challenges of a broken ecosystem.

The State of News: Views From the Frontlines

A conversation with the global press on their relationship with governments, businesses, and the public – along with perceptions of trust in the age of fake news; the safety of journalists globally; and predictions on where the industry is heading next.

Introducing Alternative IDs for a Cookieless Internet

The coming death of third-party cookies has put the entire digital ecosystem on alert and is opening the doors to a new era: the internet of trust. Guided by Daniel Czaplinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Retargetly, in this session we will learn how to reach the promise of marketing 1:1 at scale, to establish trust-based relationships between users, brands and media; and to ensure that privacy is at the core of each action in a cookieless world. At the end of the session join us in a panel next to...

Brands that Inspire

Juan de Lascurain will discuss his inspirational journey of building a brand, and will share the lessons that he has learned along the way from brands that have inspired others.

Purpose Marketing: How do Centennials Think?

* How brands see the centennial generation and what they are doing to communicate with them? * What makes a brand a champion?

The Blair Pitch Project

Terror pitches that keep us from building a healthy relationship between agencies and brands to only promote distrust and informality.

Myths and Realities of Creativity

Three members of the most recent list of the World's Most Creative Mexicans, prepared by Forbes Mexico, will talk about their perception of creativity, as well as how they do it so that, day by day, they can have as much clarity as possible around it .
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