EU 2021


Be More Magpie

We are really excited about the theme this year – ‘how to solve the biggest challenges that face our industry today’. And we want to talk to you about one such challenge and our view that we should all Be More Magpie.

Ask Me Anything, with Margaret Jobling, NatWest

Ten minutes with an industry expert: come armed with your questions and ask them anything, from what inspires them, to who are their heroes, to what’s their greatest mistake. You can Ask Me Anything.

Embracing Euphoria: What Coming Out of COVID Looks Like For Global CPG Brands

No one could plan for COVID, but we certainly can plan for what’s next. As the world starts to open up again, consumers will be euphoric about getting back to doing what they love. Remember what it was like to go to a pub with colleagues after work? Or a concert or sporting event with friends? There was nothing better. Join Richard Oppy and Rowan Chidgey at AB InBev as they discuss what’s next on the horizon for CPG brands and how creative, when done right, can be the catalyst in...

How the Rise of Streaming, AVOD, and Programmatic Changed TV-Buying For Marketers

The rise of streaming, and in particular AVOD, has changed the playing field as TV ad inventory is now available from various platforms and channels. Today the most powerful branding medium is more accessible than ever, including to smaller brands. With first party data, precise targeting and measurement, marketers can get more control over their campaign budget. Whether you want to achieve broad reach or target specific demographics, connected TV advertising offers it all.

The Power of Video

We experience a wealth of digital video content daily - we consume more than ever across multiple devices in a fully connected world. How do you successfully capture the passion of driving experienced through digital video? Partnering with the incredibly smart team at NeuroInsight, this session will explore how the brain reacts and encodes the full audio visual experience using Hyundai as a case study. Join Autovia and NeuroInsight as we explore how marketeers can learn to maximise the...

Music Television Like It Was Meant to Be

Music videos are a cultural unifier, and reach 150 million viewers globally each day. In recent years, we've followed the audience back to the living room, where massive year-over-year growth continues to rise. Please join us for a Q&A before we share a special presentation about the next phase of television -- Music Television Like It Was Meant To Be.

CTV: The World Beyond Linear TV Advertising

CTV has been gaining huge momentum in the last year; the rise in usage with the onset of COVID-19, widespread consumer adoption, the evolution of viewing habits, all creating a plethora of advertiser opportunities. But what does this world beyond linear TV look like for advertising? Pairing programmatic and TV advertising revolutionizes the way TV inventory is bought and managed. We discuss the realities of the CTV & programmatic world as it is right now.

Building Brands in Culture

It’s one thing to acknowledge that the landscape of creative advertising has drastically changed, it’s another thing to be the brand at the centre of that change. From trends to TVCs, TikTok has established itself as the modern day, cultural entertainment platform. In this session, TikTok and VaynerMedia will uncover how they’ve built one of the biggest cultural engines of the century, capitalising on underpriced attention to demonstrate that it all “starts on TikTok.”

The Future of Events, with Matt Scheckner, Advertising Week

COVID ground the live events business to an immediate, prolonged full-stop. Live concerts, sporting events and the entire B2B industry have been on hiatus for over a year. Here to discuss the past year or so and where we go next is Advertising Week Co-Founder and Global CEO, Matt Scheckner.

The Future of Journalism, with Abbianca Makoni, the Evening Standard

Abbianca Makoni is an award winning news reporter from the Evening Standard. Join to hear about her start in the world of journalism and how important it is for the future to feature the news, views and opinions of people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The Future of Our Industry, with Mark Lund, McCann Worldgroup

Mark Lund, president of McCann Worldgroup UK and Europe, sits down with Ruth Mortimer, managing director for global education at Advertising Week for a discussion about the future of our industry, renewal and change. Mark shares his thoughts on what “better” could look like for the marketing industry and whether we should ever go back to what we knew as normal. He touches on McCann research showing that “ 81% of people believe brands have more power to make positive change than governments;...

Personal Leadership and How to Change Your Life in 10 Seconds Flat

In this session, Sherilyn will share insights into the power of personal leadership, tools to build resilience, and simple but powerful tips to boost your energy, reduce overwhelm and take back control of your life. Be warned: She's likely to swear... a lot.
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