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Creativity is the Only Way to Survive: But it Doesn’t Happen Without Diversity

It’s ironic that we, as an industry, talk about diversity in such non-diverse ways. We look to stats and quotas to drive diversity forwards across restricted parameters such as gender and race rather than focusing on the authentic and humanistic solution – inclusion. The purpose of advertising and marketing communications is to help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives, and the way to do that is to connect with the consumer, to walk in their shoes.

Celebrating Risk: Empire and Picturehouse in Conversation

As the Empire media brand and the Picturehouse cinema brand celebrate their joint 30th Birthday, Terri White (Editor in Chief, Empire) and Clare Binns (Joint Managing Director, Picturehouse Cinemas) are joined by Oscar winning producer Mia Bays and BAFTA winning producer Stephen Woolley to discuss the importance of breaking rules in the industry.

Performing Under Pressure

When a second might as well be a mile; when the eyes of the world are watching you with anticipation - how can you use your mental attitude to perform under pressure? Nigel Redman, Head of Performance Team Development for British Swimming, delivers an inspirational lesson, in a session presented by industry body NABS.

The Creative Carousel

Creative innovators will each have a turn on the carousel during this all-star panel. Listen as these experts from Poke, Raconteur, Ogilvy, VMLY&R and Lucky Generals share their insights into the creative universe and creative mindset. Each one will share secrets of finding creative success, and how to build great campaigns. Listen to personal inspirations, creative admirations, and what they hope is in store for the future of advertising.

AR(e) you paying attention?

Increasingly, we’re told consumers’ time and attention are diminishing commodities. Against this background, AR has emerged as a high attention and high intent space, where high-craft brand experiences are changing the way brands tell stories and drive performance on mobile. Snapchat’s International Creative Director Will Scougal debates with We Are Social, Byte and influencer Geoohsnap to explore AR as a new and vital tool for high-craft brand experiences - that millions of people actively...

The Creative Disruption

Sir John Hegarty with Whalar's Chief Growth Officer Mike Hondorp discuss creative disruption.

Disruptive Influence: The Secrets of Scaling Fast

Today’s breakthrough businesses are scaling fast and building large audiences in the process. From finance to fitness, they specialise in establishing trust and building tribes of highly engaged customers – and they do it rapidly. Brought to you by Seven Hills, the authors of Mission: How The Best In Business Break Through, this lesson will explore the new wave of high-velocity businesses using technology to disrupt incumbents and redefine their industries.

The Futureproof Factor

Is your business fit for the future? We live in turbulent times and to weather an ever-changing set of challenges, companies need to future proof themselves to ensure they keep growing. Hear from two experts from FutureBrand and Terracycle about how they are helping businesses innovate for long-term success.

Greenpeace - Moving Palm Oil from Unknown to Headline News

Greenpeace is known for headline grabbing direct action to help shine a spotlight on environmental issues. In 2018, a different approach was taken, changing tone with a lovable mascot called Rang-tan, an animated baby orangutan, to bring rainforest destruction to life. This talk unpacks how Greenpeace managed to effect attitudes towards palm oil and encourage corporate and consumer behaviour changes.

Great Marketing Can Deliver Great Impact

In this session we’ll hear from iconic shoe company TOMS and the ethical advertising platform Good-Loop, how it is infinitely possible to improve the lives of millions of people around the world while creating a for-profit sustainable business model.

From Start-up to Fortune 500: Building Disruptive Brands in the Digital Age

From emerging start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies, the individuals tasked with building memorable brands have easily one of the most scrutinized positions in business today. Regardless of whether you support a fast growth start up or help lead one of the world’s most respected brands, how marketers innovate to stay ahead and build stronger relationships with consumers in a fragmented digital ecosystem has become one of the biggest challenges companies face today.

The Power Of Sponsorship

Hear how one of Britain’s greatest brands has partnered with AEG to transcend culture forever.
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