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Social Media: Don’t build a brand, build a personality

Why do so many brands still get social media wrong? Hannah Anderson heads up a team who reach over 1.8bn people every month through their 80m followers. She will show how your brand can make a huge impact by building in emotive creative from the very start of your campaign.

Are Women's Voices Being Heard? The Case for Supporting Fiction by Women

The Women’s Prize for Fiction was set up in 1996 to celebrate excellence, originality and accessibility in writing by women across the world. Join decision makers from the publishing world as well as the Prize's sponsor partners Diageo, Fremantle and NatWest to discuss the power and importance of celebrating women's voices through sponsorship.

The Comeback Kid: Jason Robinson OBE in Conversation

Join former rugby union star Ugo Monye as he interviews Jason Robinson; three-time rugby World Cup finalist and scorer of the winning try that launched England to victory in the 2003 World Cup in Sydney. But they won’t just be talking rugby: after a challenging upbringing how has Jason managed to use life’s obstacles to forge a positive path to forgiveness, wellbeing, success and happiness?

The World is Diverse, so why isn’t your Advertising?

Imagine the possibilities if an accurate representation of ALL people were included at the beginning of any project or idea; how different would this world look? It’s time to turn the diversity and inclusion conversation from an internal discussion to now include our advertising. Listen in as a group of distinguished experts from The Marketing Society, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Therapy Agency and Microsoft address the challenges and opportunities currently at our doorstep.

The Changing Man Lifting the Lid on Changing Male Perspectives

What does manliness, masculinity and machismo mean in 2019? How has marketing to men and the portrayal of men in today’s society changed and is there still more to do to shift the dialogue beyond dusty stereotypes? Join CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) in conversation with a panel of experts from UKTV, New Macho, The Book of Man and Harry's to discuss changing male perspectives.

Collaboration Is Dead: Long Live Collaboration

Collaboration has long been a marketing buzzword – used to imply cultural credibility but in reality, often just denoting marriages of creative convenience. Content or experiences that neither feel like an ad, nor something good enough for real people to actually seek out and experience beyond a YouTube pre-roll. Featuring The Brooklyn Brothers, Neon Unicorn, Feel For Music, Jaguar Land Rover and Campaign magazine.

The Art and Science of Emotional Storytelling

We all know we pay more attention and are invested when our brain is engaged emotionally. This CNN-hosted session will hear from a cognitive neuroscientist about how the brain reacts to emotionally resonating content and how storytellers and brands can come together to stand out and connect with audiences. Featuring CNN, PHD and the Professor of Neuroscience from UCL.

Women’s Sport: Kick-Starting a Revolution

Join The Telegraph’s Sport team in conversation with Judy Murray, Maggie Alphonsi, Dina Asher-Smith and Minister for Sport Mims Davies as they discuss the scale of ambition for women’s sport, opportunities for brands and reveal a ground-breaking editorial initiative.

Building a Brand: The Stories Behind The Disruptors

How do you build a brand when no-one is searching for you? It takes creative prescience to see the ever-thinner slices of opportunistic white space that exist in the global market today, as a small group of dominant digital platforms infiltrate business from every imaginable angle. But innovators aren’t willing to give up the fight for power and the pool of entrepreneurs working to build disruptive, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands continues to grow. Featuring Smith & Sinclair, Taboola and Patch.

The State of Digital Advertising in 2019

Digital has fundamentally changed the way brands must think about advertising. Changing media consumption habits, a growing numbers of devices and channels available for reaching audiences at scale and the introduction of new technologies, like the forthcoming development of 5G, are making it that much easier for brands to make memorable connections with consumers. OpenX VP of EMEA, Gavin Stirrat, presents his take on the current state of digital advertising.

Gaming The System: Exclusive Research Launch From The Worlds Largest Social-First Gaming Community

Gaming remains one of the most active verticals on social media but many brands still struggle to assimilate with gaming communities. Campaigns targeting gamers are often ignored or mocked for their inauthenticity, outdated cultural references and misjudged tone of voice. So how do can brands be a part of the gaming conversation on social media?

FDX: Future Proofing Brand Decision Making

We make around 35,000 decisions every single day – from what to watch on TV through to choosing lunchtime sandwich or sushi! So how can brands be heard through all this mental activity? And which emerging technology opportunities should they be considering to smooth out those pain points within the consumer decision journey? Bringing together our exclusive DX research approach and the highly acclaimed Futures Trends programme, Mindshare reveals how your brand can start to create a future...
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