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The Happiness of Being You

Danny Bent takes you on a journey into the life less ordinary. A life that led him to be named one of the Top 100 Happiest people in the UK. A life powered by one statement, 'To be the best version of yourself'. Listen to Danny's stories of being on the Hell Week on the BBC, breaking world records, fundraising more than $1/2M for charity, of being held at gunpoint and so much more. This is a wellbeing lesson without the fluff and gloss. It's gritty and stirs something in you you can't ignore....

Storytellers - who’s ready for 5G?

With 5G networks rolling out across 2019 in the UK and 2020 in Europe, the promise of a new generation of connectivity brings technological evolutions destined to change how we live, work, play, and consume content. But what opportunities will 5G bring for advertisers looking to tell their story? What technological trends will both challenge and super-charge the advertising industry’s creativity? RYOT Studio and Verizon Media explore 5G and its impending impact on the future of content and...

Gen Z Doesn’t Want Your Jobs

Is the creative industry doing enough to stop young talent turning the other way? Join our diverse panel of experts at Advertising Week in association with the Creative Industries Federation to discuss How to stay relevant and provide viable careers to the most entrepreneurial, knowledgable and creative generation yet and to answer the question: Is the creative industry doing enough to attract a diverse representation of Gen Z talent?

Masters of Monetization

In the booming age of strategising cross-screen content in the media-driven world of today, business leaders take a state-of-the-union look at the only line that matters – the bottom line. Join an all-star roster of leaders on the front lines of revenue production, media sales and partnership marketing as they share insights, explore risks and fears and debate strategies for achieving success in the ‘always on’ ecosystem of digital users.

Native Ad Forum

This year’s 2019 Native Ad Forum hosted by Sharethrough will explore the changing landscape of digital through the lens of Native Advertising.

Amplifying Brands with Music

Brands and music collaboration is a multi-million pound business, we invite industry experts to share their approach, advice, experience and best practices. We look at how the landscape has evolved, how you develop content to drive mass appeal, maintain authenticity and ultimately connect to your audience.

The Resurgence of F1: Building an Innovative Sports & Entertainment Platform

With new ownership, F1 has reinvented itself as the most technologically advanced, global sports & entertainment platform there is. Before the take-over by Liberty Media, F1 was perceived as champagne fuelled, unattainable lifestyle. This session will explore the rapid evolution of F1 with perspectives from F1, an F1 team as well as a leading sponsor. What’s the vision for the future and what role can it play for brands and partners?

Directing Skill Sets: The Contrasting Demands of Television and Advertising

In this special CraftWorks panel for Advertising Week Europe, David Reviews editor Jason Stone will be joined by directors Benjamin Green and Molly Manners. The pair - who have experience of directing television comedy as well as TV commercials - will discuss the contrasting demands of the two spheres and consider the benefits of switching between them.

Go Big Or Go Home

Delivering one of a kind experiences puts brands front and center in consumers’ minds and hearts. Through sponsorships, custom activations, and naming rights, brands become an even bigger part of the everyday – and notably, part of the special moments that capture the senses and remain in memories.

How A Philosophy Of Beautiful Football Can Make The Beautiful Game A New Reality

In this session, Manchester City CMO Nuria Tarré is interviewed by COPA90 Chief Business Officer James Kirkham, in an exclusive reveal of Manchester City Football Clubs release of their research into women’s football around the world. The session will highlight the clubs’ ambitions inspire a new movement, empower and embolden the trailblazers and support the women’s game in years to come.

The Travel Insider: The Independent presents Simon Calder

Hear from one of the Independent’s leading lifestyle writers, travel expert Simon Calder, in this globe-trotting session. Meet the ultimate industry insider to hear 2019 travel tips, industry predictions and why travel content continues to be so important to newsbrands. Plus, there will be an opportunity to win a holiday to one of Simon’s recommended destinations – make sure you’re there!

Marketing Transformation, or how to build successful FMCG brands

It’s a tough world out there for FMCG brands. Sarah Dossett, Marketing Director at Danone UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Amanda Farmer, Managing Director at VMLY&R will discuss the important societal and technology shifts behind the rise and fall of FMCG brands.
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