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How Idiot Bosses Ruined Work for the Rest of Us

Bruce Daisley, VP, EMEA at Twitter steps out of his own day job to teach valuable lessons about culture, work and how to work better. One of the most entertaining serious looks at careers, leadership and the way we work now, Daisley applies real life examples to show how we might do better in future.

Beyond Marketing: Data in the Hands of Storytellers

Data isn’t the problem, but the way we obtain and use it is. By putting choice and control in the hands of the consumer and creating highly engaging and personal experiences, we can articulate a new kind of value proposition and rebuild trust. Why would we opt in to hearing from a brand, when we can pay to opt out? From the perspective of storytellers working with emerging technology, we’ll take a tour through the creepy, the cool and the up-until-now impossible in the new data economy.

Influencer Track Introduction

Oliver Lewis, Managing Director, welcomes you to Advertising Week by unveiling a new vision for influencer marketing. Backed by News UK, it promises to do things differently. Be the first to hear how and why…

Four Challenges To Influencer Marketing And How They’ve Shaped The Industry

Influencer marketing has come under fire recently. Here, Ben Jeffries, CEO and co-founder of influencer marketing platform Influencer, discusses the challenges the industry has faced in this lesson and why they can help to shape the industry for the better.

The Future of Broadcast

We are entering a new generation for TV. As online video has matured, creating a cross-screen video experience has become a key focus for broadcasters. We're seeing broadcast alliances flourishing across Europe to compete with GAFA’s video inventories. We're seeing the development of a new video platform model combining free, advertising-financed service with premium pay-products… What do these trends say of the video world of tomorrow and what tools do advertisers need to benefit from it?

Don't Fear the Future, Make It - Agency Impact

We think it's time someone reclaimed positivity back towards agencies. That’s why our talk is all about impact – the impact that agencies have on their clients’ businesses, their own people, and the wider industry. Showcasing examples of Wavemaker's work with brands including Purple Bricks (who disrupted the real estate market) and Nationwide (taking a stand against hate speech) we'll explore how impact takes various forms, and consider how agencies can deliver this at each stage of the...


It’s time to bring some humanity back into this industry. In recent years the topic of gender and race has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but what does it mean to be truly inclusive? There are so many “isms” which have been left out of the conversation. Join us fellow humans for a debate that unpacks the true meaning of intersectionality. Whether you are gay, straight, rich, poor, disabled, BAME, male, female, or other, the time is now to celebrate our differences and pledge for true...

How to Grow Like a "Badass Unicorn"

We all aspire to grow our companies and ourselves as individuals. Doing this effectively is something we'd all like to know the recipe for. In this lesson, we'll start with marketing and business strategy, however – crucially – we move on to look at how applying our own unicorn-horn, our "growth-mindset," to our personal selves can be the most powerful tool we have in creating the space to thrive.

How to become the fastest growing agency in the world

From the merging of creativity, technology and data, to working across borders in multi-disciplined teams, CEO Dimi Albers will share the secrets of the international success of Dept and how to deliver global results with the speed, agility and feel of a local, flexible agency. Hear how an agency can grow from 100 people in 1 market, to 1200 people in 11 markets in just three years. In this engaging Q&A, Laura Swinton, Editor in Chief at Little Black Book, asks Albers how Dept is reinventing...

Lessons from the Unexpected Digital Marketing Experts

Facebook's VP EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn and famous faces Joe Wicks - The Body Coach, Actress & Britain's Got Talent presenter Amanda Holden and Josie Naughton, Co-Founder and CEO of Help Refugees - explain in this lively lesson how to challenge best practices and paving new learnings for the ad industry.

Are You Certified to Survive?

Putting profit and purpose on an equal footing. In this special session, Havas London will explain what it means to be a B-Corporation and why it’s not just in the work we make, but in how we work; how we think and behave that will dictate the impact we have on the world around us. We’re not just being worthy - long-term if you don’t sign up to being a new, more humane business; you won’t survive the political activism that is driving a new generation of marketers. And the best clients won’t...
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