EU 2019


The Evolution of the Brand and Agency Relationship

Customer expectations are getting higher, the need for personalisation combined with digital transformation across the industry is presenting new challenges for both brands and agencies. In this panel, we will ask the question: "How will the new challenges facing brands and agencies evolve, define and transform the Agency Brand relationship?". Adobe brings together an expert panel from both Agency and Brand side to discuss.

Power of Local

For decades London has been the centre of the UK advertising universe. But are things changing? Has London lost its ability to talk effectively to the rest of the country? Then again, could it ever? With more adlanders now working outside of London than inside, is there power in local? And what does the future of nation-wide advertising look like?

The Future of Publishing

Having weathered the digital revolution and its many challenges, modern publishers are prioritising innovation and forward-thinking as they blaze a trail into the next era of content creation, monetisation, and delivery.

Confessions, Classical Music & Commercial Radio

One of the nation’s most popular radio broadcasters, Simon Mayo, in conversation with Bauer Media’s Music and Content Director Ric Blaxill about new station Scala radio, his move into commercial radio, why radio is the master of reinvention and the classical tune he is most likely to sing in the shower!

Rumble In The Media Jungle

Digital media has been having a tough time of late. The layoffs at Buzzfeed and Vice are symptomatic of the difficulties these organisations are having in developing reliable revenue streams to spur growth. But it’s not all bad. Hear from some of the leaders in this field on how they are navigating the choppy waters of monetising social media content.

Why Are Podcasts So Hot Right Now?

Acast - the largest podcast platform in the world - will bring together top podcasters Lydia Bright and Jamie Laing as well as Jorma Kremser of BOSE for a look at just why the medium is exploding in popularity. Hear from Lydia and Jamie on what it takes to create a hit podcast. Jorma will explain how BOSE has made podcasts a focal part of its marketing strategy whilst Sophie Herdman - UK content director for Acast - will share just why audio has become the centre of the universe for so many...

The Sonic Truth: Brand Building in the Audio Renaissance

Back in the day, building a holistic brand was a lot easier. For the audio side in particular, perhaps you had a sonic tag, a jingle and/or signature voice for TV and radio ads. It goes without saying that, now, there are infinitely more opportunities to bring much more comprehensiveness to a ‘whole’ brand. How do you capitalize on them without getting tangled in complexity?

Podcasts: Hitting The Sweet Spot

The Guardian's Head of Audio, Katherine Godfrey will be joined by a panel of advertisers, planners and podcasters to discuss the craft behind audio storytelling, and getting it wrong and right on the journey to the sweet spot.

The Power of Audio

With a growing audience, enhanced distribution and a healthy economic forecast, audio has emerged as a medium that didn’t just weather the digital transition, but flourished within it. Discover the latest developments in consumer behaviour around audio, the evolving audio advertising marketplace, and what audio still stands to gain as digital innovation continues to impact media and advertising.

Touchdown for London: why US sports brands are investing in the capital

London’s flagship newsbrand, The Evening Standard, explores how with a growing fan base for US sports franchises such as the NFL, the capital continues to be seen as a gateway to wider European audiences – both for the sport itself and associated brands. Please join us at Advertising Week Europe to hear from the NFL and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club on their 10 year partnership, right before the opening of the highly anticipated Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which sits at the heart of the...

TV Advertising: Time To Survive Or Thrive?

Viewing of broadcast television has fallen consistently since 2012, the profile of its viewers is getting older whilst there are now more subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV than there are to ‘traditional’ pay-TV services. Social media platforms like YouTube are taking up an increasing amount of young people’s viewing time, whilst platforms like Instagram and Facebook occupy an increasing amount of their downtime. What does this mean for the future of TV and the ads that live on it?...

Building Highly Successful Branded Entertainment Properties with Talent

With marketers increasingly investing in creating talent-led branded entertainment (such as ad-funded programming, original content, and experiential events) what are the key components that make them a success? TV star Ant Middleton, Mediacom, and leading talent agency YMU Group share openly how they’ve developed some of their most successful branded entertainment properties with brands and talent, including Ant’s most recent ad-funded programme ‘Extreme Everest’ with Berocca, as well as...
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