Pop Meets Policy: Driving Global Scaled Impact with Brands

In this conversation, we will explore how and why the world’s biggest brands work with nonprofit partners like Global Citizen to amplify their social impact initiatives and drive real change toward the Sustainable Development Goals. We will also highlight the importance of corporate-driven impact programs that give young people the power to create justice, strengthen their communities, and ultimately create a better world.

Combating Hate: What it Takes to Educate Our Nation and Mobilize an Organization to Fight Injustice

For decades, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been dedicated to racial justice, dismantling white supremacy, and advancing the human rights of all people. As the nation hits an inflection point in fighting racism, the Southern Poverty Law Center is elevating voices and solutions that can become catalysts for change. But equipping the organization to fight hate in today’s chaotic, noisy world is not without challenges. The organization has had to reimagine the storytelling, user experience,...

The Psychological Approach to Inclusive Marketing Research Masterclass

Learn first-hand from Microsoft Advertising’s Senior Market Intelligence Researcher, Kelli Kemery in how she designed a groundbreaking study using psychology and overcame hurdles to pave the way to inclusive advertising insights.

Sports & News: An Intersection On the Front Lines

Never before has News and Sports collided at the forefront of headlines than in the past eight months. As athletes continue to use the sports stage to voice their opinions and fight for racial injustice it’s gone beyond a “moment” to become a powerful movement. We’ll discuss these storylines and what’s next from the reporters and writers who are embedded on the front lines.

Uniting the Advertising Industry for Equality

2020 is a year of big conversations on inclusion and diversity. The Black Lives Matter movement has shone a global spotlight on systemic racism. Covid-19 has had a disproportionate economic impact on women and minorities. Data from Creative Equals shows that just 1-2% of advertising industry staff are disabled, only 17% of creative directors are women and just 3% of CEOs are BAME. We’ll be asking our panel how we can work together across the industry to accelerate inclusion and diversity in...

Learnings from the Frontlines: Minneapolis Leaders Share Their Path to Progress

This spring, after the murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis became the epicenter of cultural unrest that spread around the globe. The challenges for leaders in Minneapolis were great as the world was watching. From the chaos, pain and heartbreak came great learnings and hope for a better future. Minneapolis brand leaders share their stories and learnings about how they continue to navigate the times, what they’ve learned and how this is guiding their leadership path into 2021 and beyond.

Diversity and Representation in Media & Culture

Mexican-American makeup expert and Founder/CEO of Lunar Beauty, Manny MUA will speak with Refinery29’s Senior Editor Thatiana Diaz on the importance of diversity and representation in the beauty and mainstream media industry.

Plus Size and Body Inclusivity

Social media influencers not only build brands around authentic images, but also in turn, become role models as well. Celebrating the fact that there is no such thing as a traditional body type, regardless of how certain body types have previously been portrayed as standard, body positivity has helped people of all ages learn to love themselves as they see themselves in others who have put themselves out there to the world. This conversation will focus on the journeys of Kellie, Anna, and...

Navigating the Pandemic and Civil Rights: Taking an inside look

As the pandemic remains at the forefront of our lives, and a reignited civil rights movement marches on, new and evolving elements are being incorporated to how we conduct business – within our organizations and with our partners. From diversity & inclusion, consultative conversations, to adjusting tone + creative message appropriately, flexibility in TV advertising has never been more critical. While no one has the perfect answer, this session will involve a candid conversation on...

Is There a Place for Brands on the Frontlines of Identity-Based Activism?

This year, when the conversation about #BlackLivesMatter saw its highest spike ever on Twitter – 240 Tweets per second – it reinforced Twitter's role as a space where marginalized communities can raise issues to the forefront of public conversation. At the same time, these communities are calling into question who can sit with them on the frontlines. Can brands be real allies? In this session, Twitter's God-is Rivera and a panel of activists discuss the intersection of brand activism, racial...

NPR’s Diverse Voices in Podcasting

Join NPR CMO Michael Smith and two host from NPR’s most popular podcasts, Sam Sanders and Ramtin Arablouei, for a discussion about diversity in podcasting. Learn how creators of color are meeting today’s transformative moment of racial reckoning. Hear about overcoming historic challenges and systemic obstacles, to draw new audiences.

How To Be An Ally At Work

We know there is a problem, but have you, personally done anything to help fix it? Since the murder of George Floyd on March 25th, we have seen the Black Lives Matter movement have a profound effect on (what appears to be) more people that ever before. Those who never felt the need to talk about race in the workplace until now, are realising the importance of anti-racism and want to know how they can be an ally to people of colour. If we want that moment to become a long term movement...
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