Climate Crisis


Lisa Merrick-Lawless Interview - Good Life 2030

We speak to the co-Founder of Purpose Disruptors about her vision to reshape the advertising industry to tackle the climate emergency.

Imagine If The Client Was The Future?

After Lisa joined us in the Amazon Ads Studio to talk to us about the Good Life 2030 documentary yesterday, she re-joins our host Riyadh to talk about the creative brief for the project where the client was the future. She will share the brief and the Ads created by Iris, McCann Manchester and Gravity Road showing what a Good Life in 2030 could look, sound and feel like. Created in 8 weeks on a limited budget these demonstrate what is possible, how the industry can come together to create a...

Good Life 2030 Documentary: The Role Of Advertising In Creating The Future

Watch the first-ever short documentary about the advertising industry and its relationship with the climate crisis which launched at COP26. See how industry leaders are grappling with the tension and hear their thoughts about the future. This documentary will be followed by a conversation with Lisa Merrick-Lawless, the co-founder of Purpose Disruptors who commissioned it. She will answer questions about the Good Life 2030 project, the documentary and what next - including how you can get...

AdGreen: How To Produce a Greener Ad

As the advertising industry’s engagement with environmental sustainability continues to grow, companies are under increasing pressure to ensure their actions match their words. Through practical training, resources and tools, AdGreen enables the industry to measure the carbon impact of each advertising production. Carbon data brings the impact of production teams’ choices to life, and ensures that they can make conscious decisions about how to approach new projects.

The Narrative: Sport For Good

We are living in an age where big business can no longer operate without giving back to society. Be that through their green initiative or through the ways they strive for equality and diversity. Leaving a legacy that lives beyond a bottom line is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. Playing a role in changing the shape of our countries social fabric is something that all brands need to come to the table on. And improving the lives of our young people is centric to that. Young...

Great Minds Morning Debate: This House Believes Your Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Really Matter

Giving up meat, taking fewer flights, using public transport – for years the responsibility for the climate emergency has been focused on our own personal choices. But let’s address the 35 billion carbon tonnes of gorilla in the room – we’re not the problem. Even if we eliminated 100% of our emissions for the rest of our lives, it’s estimated it would only save 1 second’s worth of emissions from the global energy sector. So does our carbon footprints – a strategy popularised by Adland...
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