Live From Advertising Week

Join our host in a look ahead at the day, a reflection on the show so far and what's going on across the stages at Advertising Week in Hudson Yards.

Future Finders: Interview with Verishop's Imran Khan

Interview with Imran Khan, The CEO of VeriShop.

Welcome To The New Creator Economy

Advertising Week's Global CEO Matt Scheckner and UTA Marketing's Co-Heads David Anderson and Julian Jacobs provide an overview of the day's programming.

Modern Art in the Digital World

New York City based artist and content creator Devon Rodriguez joins UTA's Director of Fine Arts Zuzanna Ciolek to discuss how Devon's everyday sketches of New York City subway riders resulted in a massive TikTok following and viral success, leading to discourse around the connectivity of modern art in the digital world.

Direct to Consumer reframed as Designed to Connect

This period in time has shown that more people are becoming connected to themselves, to the world and we are not just thumbing through life afterall. The fragility of connection was proven as the world shut down in just 5 weeks in 2020 and everything we have learnt is up for grabs and brought its extremes. People have an opportunity to live differently, work differently, love differently and many are taking it. However, brands are confused. It feels like a lot has changed and nothing has...

The Creator Economy: Behind The Buzz

UTA's in-house IQ team will unveil research findings from a newly developed study on the future of the creator economy, covering the full spectrum of entertainment and culture, including consumer behaviors, attitudes, and reactions to creator/brand partnerships.

What Matters: The Evolution of Social Shopping and Commerce

How Discovery Commerce is reshaping the shopping industry will explore how with Covid still lingering in some areas, businesses should consider how eCommerce experiences can more deeply create the same connections people get from in-person shopping experiences and also expand consumer audience using creators.

Building Movements with Music

How is music being utilized to make impact on some of the most pressing issues of today? Come learn about how the music industry, artists, and agencies are taking unique approaches to harnessing harmony for social good on causes like middle school mental health, immigration and belonging and driving confidence in the COVID vaccine.

Driving Fandom in a Brave New (Hybrid) World

As the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” In a year void of live events, brands were given the opportunity to rethink how they drive value in music, sports and entertainment sponsorships. This paused moment in time showed the world no longer experiences life solely in person. From augmented reality and emerging platforms to listening capabilities and new metrics, Adam Harter, PepsiCo SVP - Media, Sports & Entertainment, discusses the blended science and art of moving from...

Intentional Audio: The Science and Impact of Sound

What is the value of sound for brands? Roger Gerhmann, Executive Creative Director from SXM Media breaks down the science of sound and why brands need to be developing their own sonic signatures to stand out and appeal to a new segment of consumers -- generation audio.
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