The Future of Entertainment and Representation

With consumers spending more time engaging with content across various platforms, it’s vitally important that audiences actively engage and are fully represented across our screens. Media holds the power to educate and inspire, to bring people together around common interests and ultimately, to improve the world. Ava DuVernay, filmmaker and founder of ARRAY, will join Nielsen CEO David Kenny for a conversation focusing on diverse representation in entertainment and the role this plays in...

A New Wave of Wellbeing: The Rise of Tech-Enabled Healthcare

How are people around the world thinking about - and accessing - healthcare? The answer is simple: tech. COVID-19 altered every aspect of our lives, including how we address our physical and mental health. With a broader, more holistic approach to wellness it only makes sense that we would leverage technology to help monitor and manage our journeys toward better living.

Meet Visa: Reintroducing the Iconic Brand to Everyone, Everywhere

We all know Visa - it’s one of the most ubiquitous, most recognized brands in the world. But did you know that Visa is a brand and a business on a mission to unlock economic access? In this session, you’ll hear how Visa evolved their iconic brand, to communicate that Visa is more than a credit card. And you’ll learn how their brand platform and media strategy came together to successfully reposition Visa as a trusted engine of commerce that provides access to the global economy for everyone,...

Building for the Future of Measurement, Today

While the industry was busy talking about the future of media, it became a reality. The future of TV and video is here, and stable, reliable measurement across the video consumption footprint – from linear to digital to OTT – has never been more critical. In this one-on-one conversation, USIM's Mitch Oscar will speak with Comscore's Chris Wilson about how modern media measurement must evolve to account for the advancing TV and video landscape, and how the decisions made today will determine...

Talent for Hire: How Innovative Platforms are Changing the Way We Live – For Good!

Seventy years ago, the media industry teamed up with MDA to make history with the first ever 24-hour televised telethon hosted by comedic giant, Jerry Lewis. This legendary event changed the world for good, raising mission awareness and putting a spotlight on those living with disabilities - the largest minority group in the U.S. Since then, MDA has continued to promote adaptive and accessible living by working with media partners Twitch (Amazon) and brands like Verizon and Unilever to...

Collapsing the Customer Journey

Today’s customer journey tends to be complex - researching products, looking at competitors, and then the actual buying experience. Yet, many ad campaigns are designed with only one stage of the funnel in mind. Implementing a Performance Branding strategy brings audience building & sales together, elevating the customer experience & driving return on ad spend. From creative to e-commerce enablement & online/offline measurement, Kargo, MikMak & Adelaide break down the elements brands need to...

Hey, We Could All Use A Laugh

Presented in Partnership with the National Comedy Center It’s never been easier to filter and flow comedy out into the world. Today’s flexible and fast-paced media landscape has upended traditional forms of content creation. Comedians are forging direct, immediate bridges with their audiences on social media, talking back to the 24-hour news cycle in real time, and generating material at an unprecedented pace for their binge-watching fans. Comedy is at the vanguard of social change,...

How Jose Cuervo Ignited a Resurgence with a New Generation

In 2020 Jose Cuervo sought out to regain relevance with younger spirits drinkers by scrapping a TV-led, mass media buy in favor of a more one-to-one, engagement-minded approach. But just as we were about to kick off our first campaign, the world came screeching to a halt. And we had to solve a whole new problem: what does “engagement” even look like when everyone’s trapped at home?

Relearn the Internet: How Open Internet Signals Will Evolve Marketing & Comms

As we continue to see the impact of the sweeping changes in data privacy regulations, communicators in every industry will need to adjust how they mine consumer data across the internet – to drive strategy, define audiences and plan media. Join BCW as it hosts communications experts, media leaders and data specialists to discuss why Open Internet signals are key to the future of meaningful measurement and impactful marketing communications.

Grubhub Sound Bites: How a Hybrid Music Franchise Makes It to #1

Grubhub and First Tube Media's Sound Bites program started as a hybrid event, went all-digital during the pandemic, and is now once again a hybrid franchise. It features the fastest-growing music talent and established acts like Megan Thee Stallion. Find out how this approach reaches new audiences, builds brand affinity, and drives Grubhub orders. Oh, and how Sound Bites regularly reaches #1 on Pollstar's weekly Livestream Charts.

On Brand with Donny Deutsch

Former CEO and Chairman of Deutsch Inc., Donny Deutsch will sit down for a conversation with Executive Producer, New York Times bestselling author, and fellow podcast host, John Heilemann in this live recording of his podcast, "On Brand with Donny Deutsch". You won't want to miss the first live rendition of Deutsch's popular podcast, which breaks down the biggest celebrity, corporate and cultural brands of the moment to examine where current events, politics, and pop culture converge.

Blaq App and LayerUp! present Curating Algorithm Equity: Reclaiming BIPOC Narratives for Mental Wellness & More

How to “LayerUp!”: Applying Information Technology to reassure BIPOC healthcare/mental wellness equality and equity in the workplace and beyond! The panel will address the importance of inclusion in medical research, diversity in clinical trials and training, and representation in science and healthcare for those diverse BIPOC workforces and communities.
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