Fighting Censorship Through Minecraft. The Story Behind The Uncensored Library

Reporters Without Borders wanted to reach young people suffering at the hands of censorship so turned to a loophole; Minecraft. Minecraft became a loophole to bypass censorship with articles republished as Minecraft books within the platform, reaching over 20m gamers globally. In this session, DDB Berlin Senior Copywriter Tobias Natterer takes the stage to share how the creative agency hijacked Minecraft and how brands can organically infiltrate the world of gaming.

The Future Female

Female capacities that were previously shamed in the workplace, such as empathy, collaboration, work-life integration and intuition, are now revered in a world which has experienced a seismic shift. As empowered and inspiring co-creators of culture, females understand how to orchestrate holistic change from within and without, setting the stage for an entirely new set of actions. And today’s brands need to better understand, advocate and encourage this dynamic approach. Because the future...

The Future is Female: Female Executives and Imposter Syndrome

Through this 25-minute conversation, moderator Amy Jo Martin will address the confidence gap among women, how gender parity is evolving (or in some cases not) and what we can do to help move the needle.

The Fragile (Im)balance: Supporting Women Post-Pandemic

In partnership with SeeHer, GWI delves specifically into one of the less spoken about repercussions of COVID for women: the mental strain. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the mental health and wellness of women overall, as well as in particular groups - like women of color and younger women. We also explore the role that men play in this dynamic, both in terms of allyship and diverging perceptions.

Artificial Humanity

More human! Less human! We’re doomed! We’re saved! Five marketing executives take technology to the mat to find out where the truth lies. Traversing the rocky worlds of AI, AR, marketing automation, the metaverse, ethics and beyond, and moderated by Highsnobiety co-founder Jeff Carvalho, our four panelists will decide who gets the last word - “man” or marketing machine.

How Music Can Create Positive Social Change with Aloe Blacc

Musician Aloe Blacc will sit down to discuss the causes that he supports, the ways in which he uses music to create social awareness, and how expression builds connection. Weaving together music and song, it's a session you won't want to miss.

How Data and Technology Unlock TV’s Value

The increasingly fragmented TV eco-system has a silver lining! TV companies and their technology partners have built capabilities to deploy new audience targets across all screens- moving past simple age/gender. Enabling them to come to marketers with solutions that drive greater reach of these desired more granular targets. It's the combination of data and technology that unlocks TV's true potential. On the biggest screen in the house -- and every other connected screen.

The Big Picture: Preparing for the Converged Future of TV + Video

While marketers are keenly aware of the potential opportunities opened by the digitization of television, sorting through and staying on top of the changes in the market is challenging to say the least. Marketers need to take a broader perspective by considering what advertising will look like for all future TV and video.

A New Media Model for a New Multicultural Mainstream

Our industry is making great strides in retooling and rearranging itself for a new era – an era where the “mainstream” is now extraordinarily diverse. A focus on DEI, rethinking strategies, budgets, and of course, go-to-market strategies and creative solutions that are far more inclusive and reflective of the communities we operate in and serve. Media strategy, planning and investment should be no exception. However, marketers are still feeling a pain point when it comes to injecting their...

CMO Roundtable: Practical Modern Day Marketing Learnings for 2022

Join marketing leaders from several industry sectors to glean practical ideas that will help your 2022 marketing approach. We will talk about how to reposition your company with relevance in the face of change, how to ignite your employer brand, how to build loyal customer relationships, how to embrace new platforms targeting fresh audiences, and what it takes to lead with speed and more!

The Rise of Community Commerce

Across digital channels, a new kind of shopping experience driven by communities is taking hold. Every day people are sharing entertaining content that features brands and products they love, sparking shopping trends and driving cultural conversations around products new and old alike. We've seen how this unique form of product discovery can clear shelves, and how it empowers brands to engage their communities in an authentic way.

Insights From the Angi Rebrand: Reinventing an Established Consumer Brand

This session will feature an interview with the Chief Marketing Officer of Angi, Dhanusha Sivajee, who will discuss high-stakes rebranding, specifically Angi’s (formerly Angie’s List) recent rebrand and how to strike a delicate balance between legacy, new brand positioning and values.
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