APAC 2019


Winning In The Moment: Building a Performance Marketing Culture

Winning in the moment with today’s customers requires a completely different way of working, especially in retail. The traditional hierarchies of campaign-driven timelines and budgets hold brands back from building long-term value with their customers, while the fragmented landscape of platforms and data doesn’t do marketers any favours. The Warehouse Group and Omnicom Media Group share this lesson on how they’re rewiring their teams, their cultures and their ways of working to deliver...

Revenge of the Nerds: From Backroom to Boardroom

Move over, Silicon Valley: high tech isn’t just for tech companies any more and APIs aren’t just for nerds. Savvy agencies are moving fast to partner with tech companies to move beyond repackaging to reinventing solutions for their clients – building lasting competitive advantage in the process. We learn from Hearts & Science, Amnet, Cadreon and The Trade Desk in a debate moderated by Mi3 about what these agencies are doing in tech today and how they’re preparing for the future.

Knife Fight In a Native Ad-Box

In the battle for customer attention native advertising is the go-to weapon for the majority of brands. It’s a burgeoning industry worth billions of dollars every year. But with a multitude of different players, standards and ever-shifting algorithms, it can seem daunting and difficult to find a consistent set of rules to play by. This no-nonsense panel featuring some of the biggest companies in the space will debate the biggest issues facing the industry, and to ensure they don’t slip...

Measuring Purpose Equals Conscious Capitalism (without a f#ck up or knives)

Over the years as marketers & society at large, we have all learnt a fundamental human truth: we have a responsibility to do better for the planet. The notion of purpose has grown as corporates start to make the connection between doing good and linking that to commercial outcomes. How can we measure the value of purpose? Vijay Solanki Chief Consultant at The B'old Intern introduces his new metric called ‘Net Purpose Impact’. This measures the public's opinion on whether or not a...

Fast Forward – The Future of Video Advertising

Advertisers, agencies and publishers have converged on video as consumption levels soar. However, with much documented supply constraints, increasingly fragmented landscape including in-app and CTV/OTT and with fraudsters circling, what are the pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to embrace with video advertising in the next 12 months? Debating this topic is Yun Yip, VP, Partnership Development, ANZ at MediaMath, Brett Poole, Managing Director at Finecast, Jeffrey Hirsch, Chief Commercial...

Connecting with Connected TV

There is no question that TV is the king of building brands. However, with consumers’ behavior and technology advancing rapidly, we cover what issues must improve for wider adoption of CTV advertising, such as targeting, scale and measurement.

Where Brands Boom

Boomtown is a collective that represents the 8.8m people living in regional Australia, one of the largest and fastest growing markets for brand to invest in. Despite 36% of the population living in Boomtown, only 10% of national media dollars are invested there. This discussion on the importance of the market features Stephen Leeds, CEO, at The Media Store, Brian Gallagher Chief Sales Officer at Southern Cross Austereo, Fiona Nash, Strategic Adviser - Regional Development at Charles Sturt...

People First: Building Ideas that Thrive in a Connected World

Michelle Klein, Facebook’s VP of global business and customer marketing, delves into how marketers, advertisers and brands can build for the future and the key shifts that are driving change and unlocking value across businesses, technology and people.

Closing the Gap for Indigenous Creatives

In Australia, government departments have been proactive in working with and engaging Indigenous businesses through their Closing the Gap initiative. However, the advertising and media industry has been slow to embrace these goals. But this is about to change. Government departments are going to start making agencies more compliant and introduce Indigenous head counts. What does this mean? And how can agency land develop their own "closing the gap" initiative that is measurable, attainable...

Young Blood: The New Australia

Krupali Cescau, Brand Director, Amplify and Gus Magee, Associate Creative Director at Amplify, explore the cultural identity of young Australians today. They look at the insights drawn from 2,030 young Aussies about who they are and how they feel about everything from brand ethics or socialising with friends to a future with AI.

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A CMO Debate

Change is the only constant, it’s as old as time. But why does it make people feel so uncomfortable? Brands and businesses are in a constant state of transformation to adapt to changing consumer needs and an ever-evolving media landscape. It’s time we got comfortable with it. Debating the impact of change are Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia at Tourism New Zealand, Mark Lollback CEO at GroupM, Kristi Woolrych CMO at KFC SOPAC, Mark Reinke, Managing Director Consumer at News Corp...

How Not to F#ck Up a Merger

As the industry evolves, there’s no shortage of buyouts and mergers as businesses attempt to rehabilitate legacy companies and perform acts of matrimony on befitting organisations. Media is arguably the most disrupted sector. This panel will tackle how those at the top navigate change, and build culture and workforces for the future to ensure the new businesses thrive. Whilst we are busy assessing the business outcomes from the bottom line, how do we define success in terms of people,...
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