APAC 2019


Transparency and Measurement within Influencer Marketing - Time to Put the Fyre Out

The influencer landscape is changing, scandals such as the infamous Fyre Festival debacle have left a dirty mark on the topic of influencer strategy, while Instagram's recent decision to remove likes from posts has sparked a debate around how to measure success and where the industry is going next. With this changing landscape, how can advertisers achieve authentic engagement and how can we achieve success?

WTF is Programmatic Native?

You've heard of programmatic, you've heard of native, but do you know what programmatic native is? This explains challenges and opportunities facing native in a programmatic landscape, addressing viewability, brand safety, and performance goals.

Native Advertising Mythbusting

By the end of 2020, advertisers will devote almost two-thirds of display budgets to native ads. Yet this multi-billion dollar industry still remains a mystery to many marketers, facing the same questions it has for the last few years around creative formats, distribution and how to measure success. In this quickfire lesson that aims to get you up to speed on native ads, Joe James, Head of Brands and Agencies at Outbrain, debunks some of the most common misconceptions.

Future Proof: Marketing Transformation In The 2020s

What does it mean to be part of 'team human'? Geoffrey Colin, Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio at Microsoft explains why a mashup of critical thinking, art, coding, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, questioning authority, self-learning, entrepreneurship, humanity and bursting the 'efficiency bubble' are the building blocks for the success of future marketers, strategic planners and brands. This lesson may leave you doubting established best practices by presenting you with...

Building a Movement: a Campaign to Reverse Sydney's Lock Out Laws

Culture is vital for any brand. In 2014, the Government of New South Wales introduced a set of laws designed to address and reduce alcohol-related violence. Despite the best intentions, those lockout laws had a broader, more negative impact on the city than the government anticipated. They served to drive out gig-culture and nightlife across Sydney, and devastated its bar and restaurant scene. As someone invested in Sydney's culture, Michael Rodrigues Founder and Managing Director, Time Out...

Mona Museum And the Asymmetric Upside of Creativity

Robbie Brammall, Director of Marketing and Communication for the Museum of Old and New Art explains how the museum has transformed Hobart into a poster child for cultural tourism in Australia. Hear about the lessons learned from its unlikely success since launch in 2011, what ill-conceived plans Mona has for the future, and how Brammall is applying owner David Walsh’s investment philosophy to Mona’s marketing and commucations strategy.

The Evolution of Gender: Are Marketers Keeping Pace with Australia’s Changing Views?

Australia is seeing a shift in views of gender, with increasing numbers of Australians accepting and supporting gender identities and nuances outside of the traditional ideas of what it is to be a man and woman. But Australians also believe brands are not keeping pace with this shift. In this lesson, we hear from slam poet and activist Audrey Mason-Hyde, David Gray, Strategy Consutant at Nine, Hannah Krijnen Director at FiftyFive5 and Vanessa Lawrence, Publisher at Pedestrian Group. How do...

Driving 100% Growth through Local Marketing

This 10 minute case study showcases how a multi-million dollar Australian startup achieved exponential growth. By maximising local marketing executions to support national campaigns, they'll share how they taught their global competitor a thing or two.

The Diversity of Values in Australia: Understanding People's Different Priorities

This lesson offers a deep dive into understanding the motivation of diverse groups of people, whether employees or customers. It argues that understanding your team's values is so much more important than setting them a mission. Dr Uwana Evers, a leader in values setting at Pureprofile, discusses why values-based marketing is becoming so important when the target is real human beings. Joining Dr Evers for the debate are Dr Oliver Rahn, Principal Consultant, OCORA Consulting, Nic Jones, CEO at...

Difference Makes a Difference

There’s lots of good that needs doing in the world. But if that work is led by the same kinds of people – from the same backgrounds, living the same experiences – we’ll only ever solve issues for a very small cross section of our community. In this extended lesson, we hear from a collective setting out to equip the audience with tips and strategies for how they can have a positive impact on communities by drawing on their unique background and experience. Hear from Tara Ford, Executive...

Adventures With The 30 Hour Work Week

The modern world is fast, agile and flexible. Yet most workplaces demand people turn up to a fixed location nine-hours per day, five days a week. In a creative industry showing high levels of burnout, stress and depression, are these work methods really the best way forward? Martech consultancy Divide By Zero decided to find out for themselves. A year ago, they moved to a 30-hour work week, paying their people the same money, but giving them back over a day per week of their time. It was a...

The Attention Economy – Being Heard, Staying Heard

The CMOs of this world have had more competing voices (both brands and channels) in trying to get their brands out there. Consumers are ridiculously distracted and there’s no going back. What strategies can be deployed to really gain and retain consumers’ attention? Is it all about segmenting and precision targeting? Is it about a far more fundamental focus on the trends that truly resonate with consumers? What role should trending topics play? Meabh Quoirin, Co-owner & CEO at Foresight...
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