Each Learning Path provides an overview of a core industry topic; best practice case studies; and debates on the future, providing you with essential knowledge and the latest developments. Collect continuous development credits as you enjoy learning from the world's brightest and best minds.

Featured Learning Paths

Learning Path:

Gaming and Esports: From in-home Concerts to Packed Arenas

6 Lessons, 3.75 hrs
The days of gamers being “Losers” is over. In fact, gamers have never been cooler. From creating their own online communities that attract millions of views to the explosion of the eSports scene and a 16-year-old winning $3 million dollars. If you feel the gaming bubble bursting, you’re not alone. This learning path will teach you all you need to know about the gaming world and the value of attracting the audience it demands.
Learning Path:

Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
In an industry that still operates in a grey area in terms of claims, supervision and standardization across the globe, every year presents new insights and trends that are happening that those inside the cannabusiness industry might find surprising, let alone everyone else. Learn from experts in the field as they discuss the highlights ranging from understanding developments about the plant itself to companies that plan to revolutionize the consumer goods industry and everything in between.
Learning Path:

The Future of TV presented by Ampersand

10 Lessons, 6.75 hrs
The future of TV has never been more exciting. As data transforms the TV advertising industry and links ads across screens, marketers and agencies need to understand this fast changing area. Ampersand - formerly known as NCC Media - has been pioneering the power of collaboration in the TV world for more than 30 years and presents this essential learning path on the latest developments and thinking in this area. For more information, visit Ampersand or follow Ampersand on Twitter.

Technology Learning Paths

Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
Programmatic advertising has become the norm. But how do you use it strategically and fulfil the potential of your campaigns? This Learning Path takes you through how to use data to make decisions, looks at important issues of data ethics and integrity, highlights the benefits and perils of location based data and making smart choices based on data. Whether you're a beginner in the world of programmatic or want to understand how to apply new thinking to your organization, this is for you.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Blockchain

4 Lessons, 2 hrs
Blockchain, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger....what does it all mean? And more importantly, why does it matter? Starting with explaining blockchain, we follow up by demystifying what it means and how it is used, before looking at the supply chain for the industry. This Learning Path features a wide range of experience and opinions about this topic, while busting some of the most common myths and incorrect assumptions about the way that both the technology and its applications work.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of AI

3 Lessons, 1.5 hrs
Machine learning today looks vastly different than what was shown in movies just ten years ago. Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives. It is being applied within businesses both strategically to transform their organizations and also tactically through automating practical tasks. The AI and Machine Learning Path takes an overview of different aspects of AI and machine learning; it lists specifics and tactics about the topic; and finishes with how to apply it in business.

Content and Social Learning Paths

Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Social

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
This Learning Path covers the developments in social media today. It presents an overview of the market, followed by case studies and success factors, considers the rise of influencers and how to use social media practically in your branded communications.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Audio

5 Lessons, 1 hrs
Audio has always been an important marketing tool. But modern audio marketing is sophisticated. This Learning Path takes you through debates around what works in audio marketing. From how to use audio effectively, consumer behaviour around audio, the predictions of top audio experts and trends about what will happen next.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Content Marketing

5 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
Great content is difficult to achieve but telling stories has never been more important. This Learning Path takes you through debates around what works in content marketing, case studies on successful campaigns, a look at how to incorporate data into content and finally tips on creating great branded content.

Data and Insight Learning Paths

Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Insight

5 Lessons, 2 hrs
Audience and industry insights are vital for marketers and agencies. This Learning Path collates a range of lessons starting with an overview on efficiencies and effectiveness, a look at language in research, insights drawn from social platforms and ending with a summary of insights into diversity in the industry.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Generational Marketing

5 Lessons, 2.5 hrs
Confused about millennials? Wonder how to reach Generation Z? This Learning Path tackles how to market to different generational and demographic groups. Whether it's millennials or others, these seminars and debates look at how to best reach these different groups.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Data Marketing

7 Lessons, 3.25 hrs
Data is an essential part of the mix for today's marketer. With multiple sources of data, marketers have never had more options or insights. This Learning Path takes you through how to use data to make decisions, data ethics and integrity, the benefits and perils of location based data and making smart choices based on data.