Gen Z Disruption: Why Most of What You Know About Gen Z Influence is Wrong

In a shifting video landscape dominated by Gen Z & Millennials, Snapchat is driving results for advertisers with their augmented reality and video advertising solutions for advertisers. Hear first-ever research quantifying the power of influence this critical generation has on household purchase behavior and discuss what it takes to break through in a crowded digital video environment with our featured guest, Minjae Ormes, CMO of Visible.

The Future of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is rapidly evolving from broadcast media driven by the adoption of vertical video to participatory media defined by Stories and Augmented Reality. Ultimately, these changes are leading us to an immersive future driven by Virtual Reality. Join Facebook’s Asher Rapkin to learn more about where these technologies are headed across Family of Apps and Services and to hear about the creative frameworks that you can start to apply today as you prepare for the media of tomorrow.

5G: The Age of Humans

By the end of 2019, 5G commercial networks will be widespread the world over. Join Mark Melling, Head of RYOT EMEA, the Oscar-nominated studio specialising in virtual and augmented reality, as he discusses 5G’s promise of a new generation of connectivity and the technological evolutions that will shift how human beings live, work and play. Mark will discuss how this revolutionary tech will impact the advertising world, and favour the brave.

Future Innovation of Visual Storytelling: What Marketers should know about AR/VR

Through this session, we will be walking you through how AR & VR have the potential to transform everything for marketers from communication to commerce, and some ways that you can adopt AR & VR in your marketing activities starting today. See what the future of reality may look like for people and brands.

Once Upon a Choice…the world of interactive adventures

At Aardman’s heart sits our purpose of - and craft in - storytelling. As the platforms on which we tell these stories change, and the relationship between audience and director shifts so do the techniques used to tell successful and emotionally rich stories. This talk will take a candid look at some recent interactive adventures Aardman have been on - such as their award-winning VR projects or their recent console game 11-11: Memories retold – considering how they attempted to use story to...

AR(e) you paying attention?

Increasingly, we’re told consumers’ time and attention are diminishing commodities. Against this background, AR has emerged as a high attention and high intent space, where high-craft brand experiences are changing the way brands tell stories and drive performance on mobile. Snapchat’s International Creative Director Will Scougal debates with We Are Social, Byte and influencer Geoohsnap to explore AR as a new and vital tool for high-craft brand experiences - that millions of people actively...
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