Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Programmatic

In this Learning Path
Programmatic advertising has become the norm. But how do you use it strategically and fulfil the potential of your campaigns? This Learning Path takes you through how to use data to make decisions, looks at important issues of data ethics and integrity, highlights the benefits and perils of location based data and making smart choices based on data. Whether you're a beginner in the world of programmatic or want to understand how to apply new thinking to your organization, this is for you.

4 Lessons. 2.25 hrs

1: Growing up with Programmatic in 2019

Programmatic is fast becoming a crucial enabler for the buying and selling of advertising. Formats like Audio, Connected TV and OOH are driving programmatic innovation and it's a central and vital part of any digital advertising toolkit.

2: Modernizing Programmatic Video

The video advertising industry is in its early stages of maturity. The infrastructure and strategy around programmatic advertising needs to modernize and adapt to support video's unique needs. We look at both the opportunity and hurdles.

3: WTF is Programmatic Native?

You've heard of programmatic, you've heard of native, but do you know what programmatic native is? This explains challenges and opportunities facing native in a programmatic landscape, addressing viewability, brand safety, and performance goals.

4: Reprogramming Programmatic

Australia is facing calls to adopt a GDPR-style privacy code. Will these restrictions advance digital marketing and improve the advertising experience? Featuring OpexX, GroupM Programmatic Services, Verizon Media, Dow Jones and JW Player.