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The Fundamentals of Generational Marketing

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Confused about millennials? Wonder how to reach Generation Z? This Learning Path tackles how to market to different generational and demographic groups. Whether it's millennials or others, these seminars and debates look at how to best reach these different groups.

5 Lessons. 2.5 hrs

1: Reaching the Unreachable

In today’s media landscape, there is choice and flexibility for millennials and Gen Z-ers. They are watching TV in new ways, on many screens, time shifting and place shifting in favor of convenience. And they are flocking to entertainment brands like VICE and Hulu to seek a new entertainment and news experience and tapping into - and even shaping - culture. Hulu and VICE present a candid lesson about how brands can stay relevant in this ever-evolving state of media and explore the opportunities to capitalize on the deep connections that today’s young, digital natives have with the content they love.

2: Millennial Marketing with Snapchat

Millennials represent the largest population cohort ever, making up almost half of the global adult population. Their credit card spending is outpacing the rest of the population and by 2029, millennials will control the largest share of disposable income in the US. Hear in this lesson how Curology, Chubbies and Inkbox are creating marketing strategies specifically aimed at capturing millennial wallet share and hear how Snapchat is providing advertisers with solutions to engage this unique audience.

3: Luring in Gen Z Workers

An examination of how to best recruit, retain and inspire the future leaders of your company. Hear from Rebecca Minkoff, Anna Blue (Girl Up), Dee Poku (WIE Network) and Jennifer DaSilva (Berlin Cameron) discuss and examine the best ways to inspire tomorrow’s leaders to push the envelopes of business and innovation, fundamentally uprooting the current workplace demands from millennials and Gen Zs in the process.

4: Marketing to Moms

There are 85 million moms in the U.S. – and they hold the keys to $1 trillion in consumer spending power. Learn how brands can best serve and engage moms while avoiding off-putting labels, stereotypes and simplifications.

5: Gen Z on the Rise

Gen Z will soon make up an estimated 32% of the global population. Learn how to better understand, and connect with, this burgeoning generation of consumers.

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