Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Data Marketing

In this Learning Path
Data is an essential part of the mix for today's marketer. With multiple sources of data, marketers have never had more options or insights. This Learning Path takes you through how to use data to make decisions, data ethics and integrity, the benefits and perils of location based data and making smart choices based on data.

7 Lessons. 3.25 hrs

1: The Changing Face of Data Marketing

Consumers are signaling their demands more than ever before. Without the right expertise, brands and their partners may not be prepared to recognize and ingest the right signals to optimize their advertising. Learn what's next in data-driven marketing.

2: Using Data to Make Decisions

A look at how data and insights enable marketers to take more calculated risks. This session hosted by The Marketing Society looks at pain points, myths, using metrics and tips on how to use data more effectively.

3: Using Data to Target Consumers

How data has changed and how to catch up with the trends and developments in this area. Winterberry and Experian look at this core area.

4: Using Location-Based Data

A look at the latest in using location data to target consumers, as well as a review of best practices

5: Two Aspects of Data Integrity: Accuracy and Ethics

Top marketing and analytics experts discuss validity, privacy and other significant areas in data usage

6: The Importance of Quality Data

In the world of programmatic data, marketers are increasingly focusing on quality vs. quantity. This session explores key challenges, opportunities and the vital role of accurate data in this area.

7: Making Smarter Data Decisions

Bad data often leads to a wasted ad spend. That’s why clients need greater visibility into measurement and accurate insights into campaign performance. This session addresses how clients can use customer KPIs to get the results they need.