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The Fundamentals of Connected TV

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Cord-cutting and time shifted TV viewing has left advertisers scratching their heads over fragmenting audiences across multiple platforms. What is happening in the market and what's the future? In this Learning Path, we bring together everything you need to know about where it’s going next in a range of discussions ranging from TV to connected devices.

5 Lessons. 2.75 hrs

1: Connecting with Connected TV

There is no question that TV is the king of building brands. However, with consumers’ behavior and technology advancing rapidly, we cover what issues must improve for wider adoption of CTV advertising, such as targeting, scale and measurement.

2: Transformative TV

NBC Universal and Target talk through their partnership, explaining how it worked and why they think this is an effective case study delivering strong return on investment.

3: TV’s Tipping Point: Streaming Has Become Mainstream

More people than ever are streaming video content. Whether it be on a smart TV, a mobile phone or any other device, OTT usage has grown to make up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media, and it’s not slowing anytime soon.

4: Global TV Trends: Where Does the Value Sit for Advertisers?

What trends should you expect to see in TV? What should you expect to see in digital content? And what is being consumed? We examine the state of the TV market.

5: The Future of OTT Advertising

As consumers cut the cord in massive numbers, advertisers need to embrace new, innovative ways to connect with their audience. OTT is one answer. Learn how OTT presents unique, personalized ad experiences and hear what is next on the horizon.

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