Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Blockchain

In this Learning Path
Blockchain, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger....what does it all mean? And more importantly, why does it matter? Starting with explaining blockchain, we follow up by demystifying what it means and how it is used, before looking at the supply chain for the industry. This Learning Path features a wide range of experience and opinions about this topic, while busting some of the most common myths and incorrect assumptions about the way that both the technology and its applications work.

4 Lessons. 2 hrs

1: Blockchain Explained

“Blockchain” is one of the hottest buzzwords in advertising and marketing circles. But what does it really mean – and how can it best be deployed? Learn why blockchain is a term you need to understand and glean insights on its uses.

2: Blockchain Demystified

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger, what does it all mean? This video provides a crash course on all things blockchain related.

3: The Promises of Blockchain

As issues of transparency and trust continue to surface in programmatic advertising, many marketers see blockchain as an opportunity to quality-control inventory and weed out bad actors. Learn how blockchain is being deployed by marketers, as well as how it could lead to a major digital disruption.

4: Blockchain and the Digital Supply Chain

A look at the fraud fighting potential and other uses of this rapidly expanding technology.