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The Fundamentals of Audio

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Audio has always been an important marketing tool. But modern audio marketing is sophisticated. This Learning Path takes you through debates around what works in audio marketing. From how to use audio effectively, consumer behaviour around audio, the predictions of top audio experts and trends about what will happen next.

5 Lessons. 1 hrs

1: How to Use Audio Effectively

Audio is a booming area – with millions of consumers tuning into podcasts and using smart speakers to enhance their lives. In turn, marketers are increasingly exploring this platform for their brand messages. Learn why audio resonates with so many and glean tips on how to create effective audio advertising.

2: Audio Listening and Advertising

With a growing audience, enhanced distribution and a healthy economic forecast, audio is a flourishing medium. Learn the latest developments in consumer behavior around audio, insights on the evolving audio advertising marketplace and details on what audio stands to gain as digital innovation continues.

3: The Audio Revolution

The audio revolution is having a major impact across platforms, devices and content. As a result, audio is gaining more weight in marketing strategies. Learn how to create, track and measure audio strategies, as well as glean insights on why audio messaging can be an incredibly powerful tool to reach consumers.

4: How Audio is Changing Storytelling

Audiences are embracing audio more than ever, which means that content producers have a popular storytelling format to capitalize on. But there can be challenges to telling great audio stories, such as creating messages that don’t have any visual cues. Learn what works – and doesn’t work – from top audio experts and hear their thoughts on what will come next in this arena.

5: Audio Advances

What's the future of audio? See how voice-search can predict how this medium will evolve.

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