Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of AI

In this Learning Path
Machine learning today looks vastly different than what was shown in movies just ten years ago. Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives. It is being applied within businesses both strategically to transform their organizations and also tactically through automating practical tasks. The AI and Machine Learning Path takes an overview of different aspects of AI and machine learning; it lists specifics and tactics about the topic; and finishes with how to apply it in business.

3 Lessons. 1.5 hrs

1: Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

In the age of customer centricity, marketers are using AI to better understand their customer needs and behaviors in real time. Brands are now harnessing AI-powered technology to transform how, when and where they engage with consumers. Learn how brands are using AI today, how to get started and the pitfalls to avoid.

2: AI Becomes More Real

As humans, we have the fundamental need to connect – to belong, to communicate and engage each other. When we innovate with technology with the idea of being more inclusive, it can become truly powerful. We see the “next big thing” in computing, as the “very first thing” in being human.

3: AI Applications

There are countless ways to apply AI. Get in-depth details on how some businesses are using AI now and hear predications of what will come next in this area.