Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Advertising

In this Learning Path
This Learning Path is a broad look at the different aspects of advertising. Starting with the context of advertising today - consumers' shrinking attention spans - this Learning Path features an overview; specifics and tactics about the topic; ending in new developments and trends; and finishes with how to measure advertising results.

7 Lessons. 2.25 hrs

2: The Evolution of the Ad Supported Business Model

Digitization has reshaped the global entertainment and media ecosystem – and at the same time, it has also significantly disrupted revenue models. Learn how advertising innovation strategies and revenue diversification initiatives can help your company to succeed.

3: In-App Advertising

Evolving to meet the needs of a new generation

4: The Future of OTT Advertising

As consumers cut the cord in massive numbers, advertisers need to embrace new, innovative ways to connect with their audience. OTT is one answer. Learn how OTT presents unique, personalized ad experiences and hear what is next on the horizon.

5: Audio Listening and Advertising

With a growing audience, enhanced distribution and a healthy economic forecast, audio is a flourishing medium. Learn the latest developments in consumer behavior around audio, insights on the evolving audio advertising marketplace and details on what audio stands to gain as digital innovation continues.

6: Mobile Advertising

With the advent of machine learning and other technological advances, there are more mobile data analytics and measurement solutions available to marketers today than ever before. And yet, finding a way to fuse disparate data points to create a coherent marketing strategy can be a challenge. Learn how leading marketers connect it all to produce effective marketing strategies that are powered by mobile insights.

7: Measuring Advertising Results

Companies are increasingly clamoring to know the sales return on their marketing investments. Modern marketers want a closer connection between marketing activities and business results. These rising expectations have paved the way for “accountable advertising platforms.” This session sheds light on the next generation of advertising platform players and offers insights on the role these systems will play in the future.

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