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Audio Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

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Audio is one of the hottest channels right now. Among 18-54-year-old adults, the percentage of digital time spent with audio (including streaming, podcasts, and satellite radio) has grown from 38% in 2014 to 52% in 2019. As many as 71% consumers report high levels of concentration when listening to podcasts, compared to just 44% for consumers accessing social media, according to IAB figures. Between the booming podcast world, the reemergence of sonic branding and the popularity of smart speakers, there is a lot to keep up with. Whether you are in branding, advertising, technology or a podcast fanatic, there is a lot to learn about this evolving landscape.

10 Lessons. 4.75 hrs

1: The State of Listening, 2019

How does audio fit into larger trends happening across the media landscape today? Drawing on the latest data from Edison Research, including findings from a new Spoken Word Audio Study conducted with NPR, Tom Webster explains how – and where – consumers are engaging with audio, and what factors are driving growth.

2: The Voice Shift

Voice-activated technology is already changing consumer behavior and media consumption patterns, and is poised to continue doing so. How does the shift to voice differ from the shift to mobile? And how is voice changing the consumer and the marketer relationship to audio?

3: Make Your Brand Memorable: The Neuro-Science of Audio Messaging

In a time when people encounter roughly 5,000 brand messages every day and are becoming increasingly numb to many advertising tactics, it’s the marketer’s challenge to break through the noise and earn meaningful attention. What does neuroscience tell us about the way people process audio and indicate about the role audio can play in solving for this challenge? Neuro-Insight CEO Pranav Yadav shares his latest research on how audio format advertising affects the human subconscious and consumer behavior.

4: A Brand Strategy, In Audio

Audio is thriving. On mobile, people spend more time with audio than any other media including social (eMarketer), and in the last five years, people have increased their daily use of spoken word audio specifically by 12% (Edison Research/NPR). What’s more, technology is enabling opportunities to engage this growing audience in new ways through sound. It’s no surprise, then, that marketers are taking a fresh look at the role of audio in their brand, marketing and communications strategies.

5: Let's Hear It For Audio: Making Your Brand Heard

Audio, once considered going the way of print, is experiencing a resurgence. Powered by podcasts, producers and plenty of smart speakers, the emotional power of sound to connect with audiences is being rediscovered and reimagined. But what else is behind the embrace of audio? This panel will explore all sides of the digital audio ecosystem – from a brand’s 100% SOV and the ever-expanding supply chain, to the role of creative and what new advantages publishers and buyers might be orchestrating.

6: Maximizing The Podcast Opportunity for Brands

Podcasts have emerged as a key part of the audio renaissance, with nearly 100 million listeners each month. How should a brand navigate this exciting new opportunity to build awareness with these highly engaged audiences? Join for a discussion highlighting the role podcasts play in the audio universe, their unique value for advertisers and examples of how top brands are leveraging this new audio frontier.

7: The Sonic Truth: Brand Building in the Audio Renaissance

Back in the day, building a holistic brand was a lot easier. For the audio side in particular, perhaps you had a sonic tag, a jingle and/or signature voice for TV and radio ads. It goes without saying that, now, there are infinitely more opportunities to bring much more comprehensiveness to a ‘whole’ brand. How do you capitalize on them without getting tangled in complexity?

8: Feel the Story: Emotionally Immersive Storytelling

Join Wondery, the largest independent podcast publisher and the company behind hits like "Dr Death", "The Shrink Next Door" and "Business Wars", for a powerful presentation on emotionally immersive storytelling using sound. Includes the neuroscience study "Your Brain On Podcasts", conducted in partnership with Mindshare's Neurolab.

9: Listen Up!

Join Questlove and iHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman as they discuss audio, pop culture, podcasts and how to make an impact in marketing.

10: The Business of Audio, Today & Tomorrow

Between acquisitions, advertising influxes, VC investment, partnerships and interest from Hollywood, the business of digital audio alone has seen significant activity in the last year. And these changes have ripple effects across the distribution landscape and accessibility for consumers. What’s the significance of these changes in relation to the wider landscape of media money, influence and business models? And what can we expect in the next year?

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