Learning Path:

Parenting and Work: Successful Strategies

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Are you a parent? You also work? Balancing two full-time duties is no easy task. This learning path covers areas of how industry leading parents have successfully achieved a balanced lifestyle, how to have conversations with employers about benefits to make your work environment support you and the benefits of a family leave policy for businesses. You will also learn about marketing toward working parents. Regardless of if you’re a parent or a company looking to better understand the climate of working parents, this is a great resource for you.

5 Lessons. 3 hrs

1: Mom Bosses

Hear from industry leaders who double as moms for an honest conversation around moms in the workplace. Hear their take on the great values of having moms in leadership roles, the physical, mental and emotional challenges for moms in the workplace, and how the the future of work can be more inclusive for moms.

2: Your Turn: How To Make Work Work for You

Hear a brief presentation by Jennifer Gefsky, co-author of YOUR TURN: Careers, Kids, and Comebacks - a Working Mother's Guide, followed by a panel discussion on how to make work work for you... Whether that means taking time off for parenting, getting back into the workplace, looking for balance, or having ambition to prioritize your career. Or anything in between! Hear honest tips and tricks from moms who are making it work for them, and how you can too.

3: Is a Comprehensive Family Leave Policy Good for Business?

Did you know that only 27% of workers have access to 8+ weeks of maternity leave? Paternity leave is even more scarce, with only 15% of male workers receiving 8+ weeks. Meet The List, a group of 31 industry thought leaders who have committed to improving corporate family leave policies in 2019. Hear how they're applying the lessons they’ve learned at their own companies—from Pinterest to PepsiCo—to prove that better family leave is actually better for business.

4: Meet the Momillennials

Just when we thought we’ve figured out the psyche of millennials, here comes another tough market to penetrate. Who are these Momillennials? Being one of the most coveted demographic groups in the eyes of modern marketers, millennial moms are a source of great economic power. However, it is not easy to understand the way they think, act and purchase. For one, it is important to note that millennial moms are completely different from their own mothers. Merlee Jayme heads Dentsu’s MamaLab, a specialist agency by moms for moms, in Asia Pacific. Every member of this agency passionately strives to be successful in both home and at work --committed to make this world a better place for other moms. Her talk will finally figure out what makes Momillennials different. What marketing campaigns work? What doesn’t work? What makes them tick? She will showcase some of the best campaigns from Dentsu that are strong on insights and innovation that perfectly touch every Momillennial’s mind and heart.

5: Marketing to Moms

There are 85 million moms in the U.S. – and they hold the keys to $1 trillion in consumer spending power. Learn how brands can best serve and engage moms while avoiding off-putting labels, stereotypes and simplifications.