Aela Abalos

Aela Abalos is an award-winning marketeer, brand developer, seasoned digital & PR expert and writer currently based in New York. Her passion for crafting started early & progressed while finishing her B.S. Business Management degree at Ateneo de Manila
University. From there, Aela took on a series of unforgettable life and career opportunities, embarking on a path of designing and crafting products and experiences into tangible solutions that serve communities.
In 2006, Aela became a published author with the book Sa Kabila ng Ritmo (Beyond Rhymes). She went into entrepreneurship with like-minded young female entrepreneurs by launching - Kapesoi a coffee alternative for coffee-loving consumers w/caffeine-related medical issues. More recently, Aela has been leading the charge as Head of Influencer Marketing & PR for One Dove North America, where she is building out the team, capabilities and expertise for content creation and PR across Dove female categories.