Bukky Ojeifo

Bukky is the Global Head of Culture and Community at Twitter. With more than a decade of experience in community building and cultural marketing, Bukky has dedicated her career to centering and amplifying the needs of historically underrepresented and institutionally failed communities.

In her current role, Bukky is responsible for leading the team that guides the strategy for how Twitter connects and serves the diverse global communities that use the platform as their megaphone for championing conversations, movements and moments in culture that matter most to them. This program known as #TwitterVoices is the heartbeat of the team's work and an ongoing global initiative that recognizes their contribution to the timeline. This work has been recognized by Adweek, Essence Magazine, Blavity, Afrotech and she was recently named an honoree of the Topline 40 and recognized as a finalist for the Female Innovator of the Year Award in 2021 for the East Africa Conference held in Kenya.