Emily Ratajkowski

New York Times best-selling author Emily Ratajkowski has established herself as a multifaceted talent: entrepreneur, writer, actress, model and activist. Her debut essay collection “My Body” was released by Metropolitan Books on November 9, 2021, becoming an instant New York Times Best Seller. The book deal was solidified by her New York Magazine essay -- the magazine’s most-read story of 2020 -- entitled "Buying Myself Back,” which led to widespread discourse around copyright and image ownership. Following the essay, in April 2021, she created a conceptual art piece and NFT that was sold via Christie's auction, continuing to raise questions about the nature of authorship while returning an appropriated Instagram post to its digitally native terrain. Over the past five years, Ratajkowski has successfully translated her 29M+ following on Instagram into a successful DTC apparel line, Inamorata, all while continuing to work as a highly sought-after fashion model.