Roberto Grande

Roberto Grande is an American-based investor, advisor, and producer.
Roberto is the founder of Jumbo Tech, an advisory services group focused on strategy and full lifecycle management in the NFT ecosystem. Roberto is both an investor and advisor in the space, having partnered with dominant industry players (confidential) on several projects and their related token/marketplace/metaverse extensions. As an investor, Roberto has participated in multiple B2C and B2B companies operating in categories such as esports, live streaming, social commerce, DTC consumer products as well as multiple blockchain initiatives. Roberto started his career as in intellectual property lawyer, becoming partner in a multinational law firm. Roberto has extensive experience in structuring and deploying Intellectual Property & Technology strategy initiatives with a broad range of companies including: Nike, Intel, Microsoft, Lloyds Bank, Mattel, T-Mobile, Hulu, T- Mobile and Deutsche Bank among others.