Erin Grau

Erin Grau is the co-founder and COO of Charter, a media and services company that aims to transform every workplace. An innovative business and change leader, Erin has spent 15+ years at the intersection of talent and operations in global organizations and startups, steering companies and people toward the future.

Erin also writes the weekly “Ask a Resourceful Human” column for Morning Brew. Prior to launching Charter, Erin was the company's first Vice President of Transformation at The New York Times where she architected the systems and culture to enable employees to work in greater concert across the organization. During her seven years with The New York Times, she served as co-chair of the Women’s Network where she co-wrote the company’s parental leave policy, founded and led the company’s diversity and inclusion program, including the nationally recognized Women in Tech committee, and created and launched the company's first mentorship and sponsorship programs.